Everyone's favourite substitution for the NFL. My Nicorette Patch if you will!
Everyone’s favourite substitution for the NFL. My “Nicorette Patch” if you will! – Image

I don’t want to believe that I build my whole life around sport (though I’ve been known to postpone weekend afternoon’s out because of Football Focus), I don’t feel like that’s always the case but it can be from time to time – Limited to weekends? Either way at the moment it’s the Six Nations but the bittersweet thing about that tournament is that it’s regularly structured as two match days (SATURDAY – Two matches & SUNDAY – One match) a week’s break a match day (SATURDAY – Two matches & SUNDAY – One match) a week’s break then THE match day (SATURDAY – Three matches). I like that it prolongs a five week tournament to seven weeks, I like how it gives those club players below the international level a chance as unlike in football there aren’t any international breaks and the club season keeps on truckin’! A serious rollercoaster of a sporting weekend as there are most definitely highs and lows when actually finding something to watch.

With two match days in the books it means that its without a loss England hosting without a win France, normally a memorable match nicknamed ‘Le Crunch‘ we’ll see how this one turns out. This weekend is a special one for me as it’ll be the first time in nearly six months Tom and I have seen our friend Dan, that means The Terry Crews comes into effect and in expanding it, it means that we have a ‘Diego Trophy‘ for top scorer and there’s one more called ‘The Peter Shilton’ for conceding the least goals. I know this tournament is the most ridiculous thing since the commission of The Fried Chicken Shop: Life In The Day on Channel 4 (DISCLAIMER: I’ve not seen it, I will do, honest) but its all just a laugh and a good excuse all the same.

Oscar took a corner... That is all! - Thanks to my best mate, I stole this picture from your Facebook ^_^
Oscar took a corner… That is all! – Thanks to my best mate, I stole this picture from your Facebook ^_^

Well I went to watch the FA Cup 4th round replay of Chelsea vs. Brentford last weekend, I got told about Brentford’s valiant performance earlier that day for I’d just got back from Nigeria. Tom and I decided that we had to watch that replay and I’m happy I did as I made the bold prediction that goals tend to start when I’m sitting at that half of the stadium and I wasn’t wrong. Either way I bumped into Annette (Super, Bees fan – Loud and proud, roll on the push for The Championship Super Bees!) at Fulham Broadway station after the match, I found out that a number of my other friends went to the match as well so it seemed like a must for “most” of Greater London. It was a weekend (and Monday) that produced the draw for the 6th round and after Chelsea play Middlesbrough on Wednesday (27th February – My birthday by the way) if they win it means Manchester United  vs. Chelsea so that’s mouth-watering. I may not be as passionate about Manchester United as I used to be, but I’m starting to realise that the trick to most things that don’t interest a human being is to find something personally tangible, I see it as a possible Tom vs. Me which works as a somewhat bragging rights of Terry Crews all over again.

I hope everyone has a great weekend as always as I’m never one to crap on someone elses cereal. Remember, the NFL Combine starts Saturday if anyone is interested, personally wake me up when it’s the NFL Draft, I’ve never been one to know about the NFL Combine or the NCAA Football prospects.