RANDOM WRESTLER: "Whatcha doin'?", CM PUNK: "Hangin' out, and what?"
RANDOM WRESTLER: “Whatcha doin’?”, CM PUNK: “Hangin’ out, and what?”

I love that I’ve been back in the country since Sunday (27th January – I slept through the Royal Rumble, ended up picking the winning number with a group of friends though, #19 by the way) and I find myself in a somewhat limbo. Much like the limbo I found myself in between Christmas & New Years but I call this a mini-dilemma as I don’t really love watching the WWE like I did once upon a time and next on the sporting list is the Superbowl.

This is where there’s a somewhat kick to my junk, how can I get pumped about a Superbowl that features two teams that aren’t the Green Bay Packers or New England Patriots? The worst part is that when I left the country the Packers (and to a lesser extent of joy – the Patriots) were still in the playoffs, the Divisional Round vs. the 49ers to be specific. With that sports superstition it meant that I needed to wear my Raji jersey as a mark of good luck as it didn’t matter if I was in a seven hour plane flight some 40,000 feet in the air, I had to wear it (Underneath my shirt and waistcoat though). After the plane landing began the issues, I’ll mention it on that H2H blog, and we got back to the family compound (flat/house/place that resembles a figurative castle as the gate was tall and there really is a big ol’ radius before even entering the house). Then began the interrogation of Nigerian family members for some way of finding out the score. Following the NFL this season was seriously the plan, until I found out the result I felt like this family trip couldn’t start for me, after using my cousin’s Blackberry to find out it was a result I wish I didn’t bother tracking down. Fast-forward a week and the same fate was dished for the Patriots as it presented the two teams that dished out an I’m in between a rock and a hard place conundrum, now there’s talk that Beyoncé at the half time show may not feature Destiny’s Child afterall, can I be happy about anything on Sunday?

I suppose I have the January Transfer (Football) Deadline tonight, and the beginning of the Six Nations on Saturday to occupy the time, no better placebo until the new NFL season in August (eep), the 2012 season season isn’t even over yet!

Donating his wage. Publicity stunt or not, I don't care, not since the marriage to Victoria Adams have I been so gobsmacked!
Donating his wage. Publicity stunt or not, I don’t care, not since the marriage to Victoria Adams have I been so gob-smacked! – Image

One thing I have to comment about though is how people commonly point out the deliberate <insert country’s language here> accent put on the English used by Steve McClaren & Joey Barton. Pointing those out because I even joked about it during the David Beckham unveiling as a Paris St-Germain player (scheduled for 4pm GMT, ended up 4:30ish), I love Twitter for things like this as it simply means for a funnier experience as the press conference could otherwise have been seen as “hum-drum”. It just hit me like a ton of bricks how if people are seriously mocking them it’s unfair to do so, both men were most likely putting them on deliberately as the Northern accent is tough enough for Southerners (and vice-versa), let alone the English-speaking world. I simply hope that the media and people generally take this into account when talking about these situations – if they do then mock away, but just take that into account, I’ll carry on laughing myself. A couple of other noteworthy football transfers but I just love how I get swept up in all the presentation when it’s something that could be sent in a text message, how the television has been on since 3pm, I’ve been telling myself that today has been one to wash the clothes I took to Nigeria, so I would love for people reading this to forgive me.

England Training Session
Not since Andy Gomarsall or Andy Titterell have I been any more “mancrush” over an England player’s name! – I’m not frontin’ holmes, ALL THE BEST TO BILLY TWELVETREES! – Image

Next is the Six Nations, something I enjoy year after year as I really like international rugby union – I like all rugby union but when it’s on an international level it seems somewhat more enjoyable, can’t speak for the rest of England but it seems like one of those “99.9% margins” – international seems to beat club. I can’t wait to watch the debut of England centre Billy Twelvetrees, I liked what I saw when I watched a match for Leicester on the telly and though they seemed to use him as a replacement he really did come off the bench with a bang. The move to Gloucester in Summer ’12 seemed to give him the chance the flourish and now he finds himself in that position Chris Ashton found himself in ’10 vs France, I do get excited for them but then I should hamper expectations. England have a great chance as they always do in the Six Nations, the problem is can they actually perform a solid performance it always seems like they squeak results and hardly ever dominate the match, I hope that changes.

Either way I hope you all have a great weekend, I’ll try though it’s the worst Superbowl lineup – Personally Speaking – Though I’m partisan now the Packers and Patriots are out, it’s still a shame. I need motivation.