Wonder WomanSurprise-Surprise you lucky people, I’m writing about this amazing and magical piece of cinematography that had a run time of 2h 21m. To think this whole “gender equality” thing is here if we like it or not and personally I live in a family with a nan, four aunts, my mum, a sister, and two awesome cousins, it means I have to embrace women if I want to or not. So to think Ghostbusters came out last year and though not a patch on the original it most definitely did a job and I didn’t overly mind it (and personally preferred it to Ghostbusters II) but in a nutshell that’s society sometimes. Try and pigeonhole films, or genres, or opinions… Just let them be for goodness sake without much scrutiny please. What made Wonder Woman a million times more unique from the female-led cast of that remake was how Wonder Woman was chaired by a female director. Just for the record that female directors name is Patty Jenkins, maybe known for directing a couple of episodes on one of my favourite programmes of the noughties Entourage, a couple more episodes on the epic Danish import turned for American audiences The Killing (she directed the pilot no less).

How amazing was this TV Series though? It should have been on the National Curriculum on how a bunch of “boys will be boys” but to have a posse you grew up with and were still as tight as ever?

Then another favourite and cult classic one episode on Arrested Development. Last and by no means least Patty Jenkins directed Monster starring the Oscar winning Charlize Theron, so the pedigree is an amazing one and I’m genuinely happy I wrote this entry as I’d never have found out otherwise as my “ear isn’t to the ground” with pop culture information like it used to be but that doesn’t make it any less impressive all the same. Compared to Ghostbusters Paul Feig that has a slew of films to his resume such as Spy, The Heat, Bridesmaids, and Nurse Jackie to name a few and though all very good it just seems like chairing Patty Jenkins gave notification of intent.

How amazing was this film with the horrid history of DC Comics movies? Their filmography is beyond a joke but this film may singlehandedly give The Avengers a run for their money. Not many of those as in the great war between Marvel & DC, as Marvel is just tripping over itself with its cinematic gems as who in a million years even thought Guardians Of The Galaxy was even a thing as I had personally never even heard of it but then out came a worldwide opening weekend of $160.7 million, not bad at all. Either way these films have that argument like “Messi or Ronaldo”, “Boston Celtics or LA Lakers”, “Boyzone or Westlife”… Or something like that. Well I find myself watching Wonder Woman and it was amazing, maybe the best DC comicbook related film since The Dark Knight, I jokingly made a meme about that and I genuinely believe that one. Either way this film just felt like a legit shot at credibility as it had a litany of acting chops as actors like Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, and David Thewlis just to name a few. A cast list that beats many other films in the same DCMU that’s for sure.

Either way I could happily endorse Wonder Woman and if you have to rationalise things as it’s contesting a film that had to have an actor die before his time in order to even enter the conversation. I thoroughly doubt The Dark Knight would have had the same gravitas if Heath Ledger didn’t unfortunately die, I’ll say it. As good a film as The Dark Knight was, I just doubt it is all its cracked up to be as a posthumous Oscar win, really? I just know I haven’t felt so griped, moved, or as passionate about a film in the DCMU in the longest time if that ever. For that reason I’m thinking a purchase on DVD is essential and if you don’t agree I don’t think you know cinema or comic-books very well and for that my deepest condolences.