#I'm off to Brighton trick!

It’s a weird one as when I said to my mum and my sister that I was going to visit my best friend Tom for the weekend for as much as they never said anything about doing so I couldn’t help but feel like they both thought it was just a cheap excuse simply to slack off,  joke with my friends, and to play video games. As much as it was a part of the plan I can categorically say that it wasn’t the reason for me going, it was to complete the feel of “as much as I have navigated to Brighton in the past before all of this I wonder if I can still do it, for if I was horribly wrong in my navigation our mutual friend Dan was coming along and he looked to me to have said navigational know-how”. I learnt this weekend (as if I didn’t already know) I have a tendency to over-think the inane things & not think through the big things and as much as this wasn’t me so much so I updated my Facebook status recently based on “the old saying” and so to navigate the trip to Brighton was possibly THE MISSION IMPOSSIBLE! With much navigation made and talk of FIFA 12 done we arrived but with a student life we barely saw the other house-mates but we weren’t there for the house-mates as we were there for Tom, talk began of Dan and I being rugby fans that would like to watch the Rugby World Cup match between Wales & France with talk of the infamous joke to come out of Wales as a result of a marvellous performance vs. Ireland in the Quarter-Final and though the 2nd Semi-Final between Australia vs. New Zealand was watchable our antics were sleepable and we made the executive decision to skip it. Funny picture of Tom coming into the living room on Saturday morning with the announcement of making toast after buying a loaf of bread but he needed to get something from his room so instead of putting it in the kitchen he just threw it onto the sofa… CLASSIC! To then go into town and watch Liverpool vs. Manchester United that seemed to be a VERY BORING match as both teams started with a 4-5-1 formation (that meant 5 midfielders apiece so that meant 10 players in the midfield which meant boring & “bogged down”) I know the teams are not there to entertain the spectator as they are there to win & become a successful organisation but all I could think was “I’m sacrificing my Saturday for this?”. The match got better as from Manchester United’s point of view they turned the formation into a 3-4-3 (or was it a 3-5-2… Danny Welbeck afterall) and even though it seemed like not starting Wayne Rooney as punishment for “his decision” in the England vs. Montenegro match last week (nice to see Sir Alex Ferguson share the nations feel of “Really?”) later on in the match Rooney & Hernandez were introduced for Park Ji-Sung & Phil Jones respectively after Gerrard scored for Liverpool from a debatable free-kick centre and roughly 5 feet outside of the penalty area.

Plastic replica of the WWE Championship belt + Picture of Terry Crews = THE TERRY CREWS

After the match that finished 1-1 a rather funny yet quite questionable thing seemed to happen between the 3 of us that day for as much as I said it as a joke and in reference to ‘The League‘ the 3 of us should chip in (Tom more than the two of us, mark of the inaugural champion?)  for a replica WWE Championship Belt and remember when I blogged about when we all met at Dan’s and had a FIFA 11 tournament and how we named it “The Terry Crews” and if you don’t know what I’m on about I request nicely for you to read that blog as otherwise I seem more crazy than I really am. With talk of this tournament called “The Terry Crews” I jokingly said that in buying a replica belt we could get a picture of Terry Crews and it would be on the belt and the belt should be presented to the winner of the tournament and I did honestly say it as a joke but the seeds I planted really did grow as that is exactly what we ended up doing then with some Art Attack know-how and with some Dan Sage ability the transfer was complete and the belt became a real thing with this once upon a time joke only seemed even more funny & cool and from the outside looking into this situation I’m sure it seemed like “really? No other and better way to spend your time and money?” granted it can be seen as “sad” but for what it is “you get something to lord over your friends for beating a total 32 teams in a tournament on FIFA12 and the physical chance to lord it over those friends and rub it in with maybe a song or just have this inside joke that will in essence some 10-15 years down the line not matter who the champion is but for 2011 we (as much as we bag on Sportsworld it was there we became friends so I suppose we have to be grateful of a less than grateful job) can look back at that belt and say “do you remember that?” and therefore have a story that will give us all a couple more smiles and laughs.