Wednesday was my birthday, this is the first time I’ve actually said it/typed it/pointed it out, whatever – It feels weird, do I now have to act my age? I feel so. Either way I spent time with my sister as we saw ‘A Good Day To Die Hard‘ (which helped show my age – When the original Die Hard released in July 1988, I was 2 years, 4 months, 18 days old. That Die Hard 5 wasn’t as bad as everyone said, it simply doesn’t have a patch on the first 3, I see it as a 2nd trilogy now), she’s still a great gift-giver as this had to be my favourite, then I went to ‘The Fighting Cocks‘ as it’s quickly becoming somewhat of a local for me (though I don’t drink alcohol), I really like the music and the atmosphere. I blame the friends I made at Brooklands methinks but in one thing that may make me older than how I act is that I try not to make a massive deal about birthday’s anymore, or at least won’t do until I have something big to celebrate again, watch this space.

To win it all would be called "The Uncle Dolph", don't ask.
DIEGO – Top Goalscorer + TERRY CREWS – Tournament Champion + PETER SHILTON – Least Goals Conceded =  THE UNCLE DOLPH!

Last weekend was a good one though as I finally gave the Christmas present I bought for ‘The A Team’ and came out of the weekend with the picture everyone was dreaming of. We all played The Expendables 2: The Video Game, which turned out quite the laugh as I believe it was only after considering how this crazy group came about and with it came a crazy (but safe) appreciation for Terry Crews. We ended up watching ‘13‘, had pizza, watched ‘Le Crunch‘, a real “Lads Weekend” as it directly contradicts my age somewhat, putting some questions about my sexuality to an end as well. All jokes aside, not a day goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars I met Dan while I worked at Sports Direct – Staines, the worst thing about my tenure-ship there has to be that from now until either I die or it goes out of business but it screams “bittersweet” feeling for me. I was watching BBC News earlier in the week and they were talking about Mike Ashley, his decision regarding company shares as well as his tactics for reaching company profit, very bittersweet indeed.

13 was an underwhelming film as though displayed as an action film there was little of that as it was basically a drawn out game of Russian Roulette featuring the scientists with more money than sense, and guinea pigs that found themselves playing the game for various reasons – some electing to play and others not so much. Either way it was a good catch up with the guys as always because though we never got down to business, it’s always a smile spending the weekend with both Tom and Dan – Dan’s girlfriend Danielle tolerated us which I thank her for. No Terry Crews but it churned out a chance to actually use some of my life and educational experience as I helped Danielle update her phone, smartphones can be very daunting for a first time user as I locked myself from mine not before learning the ropes.

Another rest weekend for the Six Nations so I’m going to crack on creating a Powerpoint presentation due for next month, I’m giving a talk to a bunch of student nurses next month. Though it’s a month away I really want to be ready for I’m going as far as to scan copies of old weekly rotas from The Wolfson, pictures of my rehab; the general help that I received along the way from hospitals, The Wolfson itself, H2H, and Different Strokes. Juggling that and my friend’s birthday in Vauxhall, sounds fun and I wish her well but I’m thinking this is me acting my age, and watching my wallet.