So Samantha moves to France.. Still has an opinion doe - Image
So Samantha moves to France.. Still has an opinion doe – Image

I need to start typing more frequently as subjects come to my mind during the week but come Thursday Night/Friday Morning I end up going with the last thing remaining on it as the rest simply fades away. This is a shame as that means the current furore over the latest Samantha Brick (results of her name on Google) article for The Daily Mail is the hot topic for this entry. I saw this retweet from The Poke and it’s sad as the following edition of my blog is basically rising to the bait. Either way no better example of having an opinion on an opinion as it’s the reason for this, that is simply the society we live in at the moment (if people like it or not). In this era of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Instagram etc it means everyone is going to have some form of opinion (again if they like it or not).

How fail is Prick Mormon (Piers Morgan)? Vermaelen isn't Dutch! Wow The Fail On Sunday does it again!
How fail is “Prick Moron” (Piers Morgan)? Vermaelen isn’t Dutch! He’s Belgian! Wow The Fail On Sunday does it again, and “Moron” showing his “support” for Arsenal. Worse than an “armchair fan“. A nice big Fail-Family!

To summarize that “Brick” article (Joan Collins is right. Any woman who wants to stay beautiful (like me!) needs to diet every day of her life) Brick mentions how one night she had friends over her house and one insisted on bringing a box of expensive homemade French chocolates (the norm at a dinner party, apparently) and it was her decision to throw them straight in the rubbish bin as “[she’s] 42 years old and [has] been on a permanent diet for the past 30 years”. She went on to say “any self-respecting woman wants to be thin, and to be thin you need to spend your life on a diet”, that’s the sad realisation with Samantha Brick’s brutally honest approach to her articles for they are doing two things: 1) Getting people talking about The Daily Mail *Sad But True – 2nd entry, but more on that later* 2) Getting people talking about Samantha Brick.

Any man with the name "Pascal" is a winner... CYGAN!
Any man with the name “Pascal” is a winner… CYGAN!

Personally I see each article as a “Sad But True” (Told ya) as yes each Brick article has an unhealthy perspective but they’re still highly possible and though a horrid one I’d find it hard to find a reader (on the record) say lies, bold lies. The thing about the stories The Daily Mail churns out is much like that of a television soap, it gets the truth and/or plausible theories but adds a couple of performance-enhancing drugs into the mixing pot which produces the reader/viewer with an exclamation of really? All I know is though I don’t believe this latest article word for word it does ring true somewhat, all I know is everyone needs to look at how everyone is “Steven Seagal” in this tweet and to point out I thought it as well. Now off I go to sleep off a day at the “local” gym (1hr and 30mins commute… VIKING WARRIOR! Life goes on for any individual!)

My best friends’ (those twins I told you about – last paragraph) dad’s band is performing a gig in the weekend so really amped up after spending a Saturday Night at The Jazzcafe in Camden for his daughters’ 27th. 80’s vs 90’s, best group of friends blah-blah-blah, everyone have a great weekend. T-Minus 6 days until the 2013 NFL DraftJOY OF ALL JOYS! p.s. YES!