Being alive during this era in the UK musta sucked... ROYALLY! Each to their own I suppose - Image
Being alive during this era in the UK musta been “a glass case of emotion“… ROYALLY! Each to their own I suppose – Image

I have to thank my friend Temi for bringing up this article via Facebook – with all this talk of the death of Margaret Thatcher on Monday meant I went about it in the way the NFL do when considering members for its Hall of Fame (HoF). What the NFL does is wait 3 years after the member’s retirement before even putting them up for consideration, I think people need to do this when thinking and talking about Maggie Thatch (my nickname, if people don’t like it, then think of the whole name when reading it). Personally speaking I don’t have an opinion on her as it was all before my time, people will say that us currently living in the UK are living with the decisions she made for the country in the 11 odd years she was in power. But my reaction is that it marked a time before I was born (1986) so I don’t know what the state of the UK was before she entered power in 1977 so unless I cared enough about politics to find out the laws she enforced and read all of the witness accounts (though I appreciate those of Russell Brand & Sir Alex Ferguson), I think my opinion is a daft one to chase. What I can say is though ‘Ding Dong The Wicked Witch Is Dead‘ is flying high in the Official Singles Chart and there is pressure for BBC Radio to play it on their rundown on Sunday… Personally I don’t get it. Merely a song about a Wicked Witch (In 1939 with Judy Garland), everything else happens to be personal connatations made by the individual radio listener. I expect the BBC to play it as it doesn’t curse or single anyone out as its a group of Thatcher-Bashers that seem to see it differently, when “Johnny Rotten” has to come out and say his piece you know its serious.

All the same the only opinion I have is the one that I read in Henry Winter’s piece on the way Maggie Thatch saw football in the 80’s and how she never gave it a “fair shake”. So easy for people to comment when the Premier League era is squeaky clean, 80’s football had its many issues so it means people need to take this into account when most of her decisions and general opinions on the sport and its fans may not have been the most humane. Either way Maggie Thatch is the past now seriously the past so can everyone be’ave and just see it as how this one tweeter saw it, class.

I think it was this tweet that allowed me to look inwards as opposed to the outwardsness that is an easy accomplishment, I try not to live a life of shortcuts anymore so rolling on. Though a couple of other things to point out:

1) England Mens Football Team down 3 places (from 4th) to 7th in the FIFA World Rankings, yes #7 is still a little too high as my uncle pointed out (Spain, Netherlands, Uruguay, Brazil, Italy, France, Argentina, Germany, Uruguay, Belgium, Mexico, are all better teams) but the World Rankings take qualifications for major tournaments into account and on those alone England are always at the top of the table (only those major tourneys lads).

2) Happy Birthday to my longest standing friends Kyrstie & Lizzie! (I joked two weeks ago at a party that I act like being friends with me is like a army tour of the Middle East… Oorah), all I know is each one of them are the bestest friends a coconutty lad from South-West London can ask for. All the best to the future of both as they are both amazing and not a day goes by I’m not counting my lucky stars I met them back in ’93… Eep.