ALWAYS read the smallprint, “Guaranteed to [trip] you up” – Image
Though this entry started in Hounslow “high street” on a Sunday at 9am in order to sort out my phone but the bane completely slipped my mind, Sunday Trading Laws meant 11am. “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, and this blog was my “lemonade” as I had 1 hour and 30 minutes to spare and I didn’t want to go home just to go back. So I found myself exploiting “a popular coffee shops” free Wi-Fi commenting on the “simply splendiferous” long-weekend I had lined up.

I used to play football on there... Once :'( - I'm not bitter... Much
I used to play football on there… Once 😥 – I’m not bitter… Much – Image

My Friday was great as roughly about midday I went into Richmond to meet up with childhood (well I was 14/15, does that count?) friend Tasha, we went to Richmond Green to enjoy the summer-sun. In this country take it while you can as I doubt even the Met Office can predict weather (a bit out-dated so probably not true anymore but all in the spirit of a joke), I forgot how awesome Tasha was  – thoroughly I look forward to our next meetup. At night I went to Matt & Kyrstie’s flat for a “group-hang” in which we went after a bit of Madden, Call Of Duty, and ended up with the DVD End Of Watch, we ordered a bit of curry (which took 2 hours to deliver so we ended up getting said curry order for free). The banter flowing as you can expect from a group of 20-somethings and it was just a real sense of back to reality for me as though I’m seriously sorry to keep bringing it up but stroke recovery simply doesn’t end when the patient exits the hospital. This means that though I feel like I’m always trailing society, what’s new? Everyone has that feeling so maybe I should just shut up? Found a remedy though…

Every little helps, its not copywritten is it? But it sounds so goooooood!
Every little helps, its not copywritten is it? But it sounds so goooooood! – Image

I’m sure my family & my dearest friends are sick of me bleating on about it, my sister & Matt (Kyrstie’s fiance) are the examples of how any survivor should live (accept it and move on – Between the two of them they helped drill that philosophy home). Because of this I’ve decided to go to one local conversation group held on Saturday’s aimed at “Young Stroke Survivors” (basically individuals still of working age). Not far from home (or too far anyway) and though I touched on the subject that day-to-day just so speedy, its a weird state of affairs as entering the group was a bit like walking into an alternate universe as people looked like they were catching up with me. I hate comparing myself to other people and I hate the idea of people comparing themselves to anyone else as an individual should be just that, an individual. That said I feel like a bit of a hypocrite as I’m guilty of comparing myself to society from time-to-time and its in doing so I’ve rehabbed as well as I have – But a bit of hunger does have to come into proceedings. Either way its at this conversation group I met an amazing bunch of individuals as even one instructor turned stroke survivor made a brief appearance in no better example of “lemons into lemonade”, fantastic story. I hadn’t found what I was looking for (young people in the same boat – one called in ahead that they couldn’t make it, and the other was ill that weekend), but something else. I found a more than happy alternative as I’m genuinely already looking forward to next Saturday (It didn’t take as long as I thought it would have to get there, so more of a lie-in on Saturday Morning – Yes please).

Today was a visit to The Carphone Warehouse to sort out the epic fail that is the design of the micro-USB port (it was always designed to fail without direction), then it was to Tom’s (best male friend) to eat some BK as well as watch the Merseyside Derby that though noteworthy didn’t produce. Then followed Manchester United vs Chelsea and it produced but nothing like how Man Utd wanted but though Tom tried to reason Chelsea’s win with a “United already have the title”, but I knew United are built as 100% all season, or go home.

TRAIN ANNOUNCERS VOICE: "The next stop is Virginia Water!" This is gonna be fun! - Image
TRAIN ANNOUNCERS VOICE: “The next stop is Virginia Water!” This is gonna be fun! – Image

Tomorrow will be the Bank Holiday so this was always going to be a great day as that friends I told you about seeing on Friday and eating a 2 hour old curry? Them and more will be popping down the park to enjoy the weather *touches wood – We’re in England after all* and though everyone will be enjoying football & cricket and other such activities, I’ll “cripple it up” with some sun-worshipping and general prep for the eventual picnic as that group is just amazing like that as which non-married, non-child carrying, multicultural, motley crew of twenty-somethings plans a picnic? Though members of the group tick some of those boxes, its not the foundation and in the most sincerest tone I love that about this group. Its not all alcohol and nightclubs, we can actually have a picnic in a park.

Weeeeell... Says it all really
Weeeeell… Says it all really – Image

Well this is one that though I tend to make sound a bit “self-centred” I hope anyone reading this enjoys their Bank Holiday, you deserve to and just go nuts (within reason). Off to the local Tesco for some Wasabi Peas (addicted), Milk, and some white chocolate cookies! Enjoyth folks! Waterboy at 10:55pm on Channel 4! – Yes!