This is one of those horrible moments when you look in the mirror and realise an inconvenient truth. The world doesn’t have your heart or your beliefs, hope and trust, instead it can kind of exploit and make you feel small if you let it. Well there’s two ways of going about this as either one way is:

a) Those saying “You have my curiosity, but now you have my attention“.
b) Those saying “duh” well then go away.

In all honesty lets get to it as I made plans to meet up with a friend in Euston and it all got a bit surreal as some people are just so used to their own world and their own surroundings as it was all just a bit too much as on the way to the train station I had to get on a bus and it was a real surprise when just standing in that bay I stood next to a guy and maybe it was because I may have mumbled a sorry if standing in the way of the guy but the guy reacted by trying to push me over. I’m a lover not a fighter but I genuinely felt like the guy didn’t know about the journey I’d so I politely showed him and gave him the nice line “have a nice day”… I thank Mick Foley for that one.

When I finally got to the tube station I made myself up the stairs and with a luggage bag somebody asks if I needed a hand. Well at least the kindness of strangers was alive and well. There are certain beliefs that I have always implemented and one is do good things and good things will in essence happen to you, its tougher to live by as each day goes by but I do still believe it.