Big deal! Big help. They want to start an app, that's all anyone could aim for!
Big deal! Big help. They want to start an app, that’s all anyone could aim for!

I find myself currently on a 131 bus journey on my way back home from St George’s Hospital in Tooting. It’s been educational. A 2pm appointment with Bridges: Stroke Self-Management means I’m IMMENSELY happy to help in any way I personally can, but it’s silly just how much of a labyrinth the hospital was for me. I arrived at 1:30, but ended up 5 minutes late… WTF?!?!?!?? Long story short, I ended up leaving Lucinda happy with myself, offering my services, happy how much progress I’ve made, happy with the booklet they gave me, it meant I could read on other survivors stories. Happy for each and every survivor. I’m not the first and I’m most definitely not the last. I spotted one or two familiar faces in it.

If I had that booklet afterwards, it’d only have helped further. A great booklet, they want to put it into an app or something. Well now at the 111 stop, waiting for said bus ride home. That’ll do. Hopefully I’ll return home to a Packers onesie, or mansie or whatever the hell it’s called. Johnny Manziel‘s first start this weekend… Eventful!

Oh yeah, the reason for this blog… “reverse snob”. I was offered a taxi ride from the hospital. I preferred the bus ride. May be longer, may be louder, but I dunno. Am I that stuck in my ways? I reject the high life, until I move, I don’t know. I’m forever grounded!