It’s been a long time coming with a bunch of trials and tribulations but it’s definitely a meaningful one. It’s quite a fact, “people can be their own worst enemy” sometimes. Maybe it’s because I’ve been so wrapped up with how I appear that I haven’t focused fully, only some 50% maybe? Well I went to the London College of Communication in Elephant & Castle open day on Saturday and where I’am in my life it definitely opened my eyes. Also I had an eye “squint surgery” on Tuesday, so that eye opener delivered a certain irony. All the same I really appreciated the journey as they produced a swag of goodies, I learnt what it takes to get into the Sports Journalism course and just how the entire experience will only help me grow as an individual.

Lets no forget the scientific calculators! A friend's girlfriend has the exact same calculator. I didn't steal it! I've had it for over a year now!
Lets not forget the scientific calculators! A friend’s girlfriend has the exact same calculator. I didn’t steal it! I’ve had it for over a year now!

Well I keep saying thanks to H2H for installing the confidence needed in life, it was rocky for a while but it’s a certain degree of “Keep Calm and Carry On”. I may have already blogged about that one, either way I’ve seen just how Sports Journalism is the end goal, but man this Media course is the process. I said it in class, “there are pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses”.

Everyone on the course has already displayed those strengths and weaknesses. I don’t want to singleout any one individual, but the fact is I can see without a shadow of a doubt how it may not be easy, or all that fun all of the time, but there are people there that make it a bit more bearable. I’ve seen some great Instagrams of college work, coupled with Snapchats of a funny nature as well. All in all, those strengths and weaknesses. I always look forward of those Journalism classes – I wonder why – But after going to LCC, I see the goal now, and God-willing I hope to get there.