Well I’m on my way home from another day at college and it’s that feeling I had even when I joined H2H, “I’d never have imagined this”. They asked me to try setting up their blog, and it’s swell. Looked into their Facebook and Twitter as well. Well as much as things change, people don’t, like their character no? People should be able to differentiate the two though, right? At least point out concerns and fears without worry as that friendship is worth a damn… Right? I think I may have somewhat “missed the mark” with a number of friends, family members as well, I’m all for not adding drama or tension, but in a way, how wallflower, that’s no fun right? What’s the point of friendship if it’s based on fakery?

H2H gave me the power and motivation to start at Kingston College. Sucks I can't blog like I used to :\

It’s raining, immensely, we are in England though. I like rain a lot more than people know, yaknow? It’s refreshing after so much dry weather, and it “waters the garden”. Well it’s Maths and then I’ve joined the gym, I like the gym, people are my “tackling fuel”. Though I’m not playing American Football, I still have some pent up aggression I suppose. How great is it that I’ll inevitably appreciate how though I can’t “go back”, certain things from the past can make the present a bit more manageable no?