I’m not special and I’m sure I’m one of only some massive number of people that have gone through something big and then go on to think that it’s “all about them”. It’s a scary fact that it’s not the case at all as those feelings of depression, anger, frustration, self-pity are common-place. Personally here to ask “what have you done recently?” Well my life changed and to be honest I don’t know if I “want my old friends back” as it’s like “at least try and fix this as it’s too one way”. I’d like a “fair shake” but until that happens that’s life I’m afraid. I went zig, but they went zag. My contact number is there, I can’t even begin to say how poorly I’ve acted to a bunch as I’ve alienated quite a couple as a result… Silly. But “such is the carousel that is life” I suppose. THEY’RE QUITTERS, not me.

Onwards & upwards and all that jazz folks!

ALWAYS pushing harder and stronger as this situation has taught me how not to live. For this I’ll quickly point out a couple of things that stood me in good stead. I don’t know if anyone following any form of life-issue finds it easy or even possible to “turn it around” but for a number of survivors they got “back on the horse” of their lives. For others its tougher, for others there is literally nothing to go back to and that general feeling of even holding skills on a limited level is tough, so since this happened I’ve self-righted and g0ne down the educational route as though not fun anything beats feeling so helpless as I’m sure other survivors have in the past. The trick is look beyond those first set of doors, look at those possibilities, address those hurdles and accommodate. Personally I’ve looked at Different Strokes, The Stroke Association, work through Ashford Hospital, sites at Richmond Wellbeing, Royal London & Barts Hospital. it’s not all the end of the world, there is help, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It may not be a life like how it was before, but it’s most definitely the best any stroke survivor could possibly hope for as it’s not paralysis on one side of the body or generally feeling like a hopeless sod. I’ve seen the other side of the coin as people have “shut-down”, well though this isn’t me it’s just no better example of “Keep Calm And Carry On“.