Head vs Heart - I always hated this game :\
Head vs Heart– I always hated this game :\

I know it’s been a long ol’ while since my last post, I’m sure people are a bit fed up hearing and reading about this stroke but I don’t know. 28 years old, nearly 4 years since this happened – But where’s my “closure moment”? I’ve said about the film Cliffhanger I’m sure but it’s like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place with my “medical inbetweener” situation. Could I call on The Simpsons Movie instead then? Long story short I’m trying but the world is trying – I’m not special, everyone has worries, all I know is I can’t go back even if I wanted to, a place where life was simpler, surviving this has taught me to fight tooth and nail though. It takes stubborn to fight stubborn? I love my friends, I love all the good times we had, but there’s a certain level of would you ever kick it with me? I can’t enjoy the weekends out like I used to, I can’t be on the front foot inviting people out all the time can I? This exact reason I have to accept what my family say, I have to accept my notions, my feelings.

I have in my head a three tier system; friends, family, acquaintances/miscellaneous, people move from one group to another with some frequency nowadays – family is a constant not to take for granted though – as time to think can well and truly suck. This means though my memoir is the start of a beautiful relationship with the written language, “the possibilities are endless”. Even this blog is more for a therapeutic nature, I wouldn’t say no to some notoriety but I’m not holding on hope. This is more to chronicle until I find my notebook (Notebook, not THE Notebook) as thoughts nowadays are definitely an issue, as if they weren’t before?

Everyone will say I’m over thinking things so lets keep this simple, I’ve gone 180° on things at the moment, going the educational route as ‘Britain’s Got Talent‘ gave me unrealistic dreams (guffaw) Either way a bunch of people have to “relearn”, what’s mine after a life-altering event that’s got me meeting and re-meeting people that are still amazing and still a serious matter of “phwoar”? Well I’m going to hyperlink this like I do, but yes, good luck and Godspeed all of you reading this ever ever EVER!