I’m not going to start that whole defence vs defense argument as we all, “most of us”, live in the the 21st century so that means something important. We as human-beings should be “over” it as the reality is that this is a blog entry about American Football, so that means American Football lingo. If I was talking about Football/Soccer, I’d type “defence”, but I’m not, so ‘suck it up people’. I used to watch that argument and actually have an opinion, now I simply scoff and shake my head in derision.

This entry is about one thing and one thing only, and my favourite thing, defense. If you hadn’t already guessed by my constant use of the term. But its the funniest thing as my love for stout defense and a solid running game is no secret. So how I “Back The Pack” is a joke! A poor, unfunny, quite sadistic joke. It goes back to 2000 with Ahman Green, thanks to NFLUK’s Mike Carlson I stole that line “So good, they named the Bay after him”, I soon found out that it was not the case, sad face. Well either way I started realising that though I should be backing the San Francisco 49ers or the Houston Texans, those Green Bay Packers were my team, but one thing jumped off the page when looking at those Packers… Brett Favre.

Though I favour a running game and a solid defense, the moment an NFL franchise has a “franchise QB” it wipes everything underneath the carpet. The Packers “are getting there” with Eddie Lacy (a rookie out of Alabama) running the ball now Aaron Rodgers is down. That nickname for that mobile talisman is franchise QB “A Rod” and he’s missed a big chunk of the 2013 season this means the Packers have had to adapt.

Either way “my” Green Bay Packers are currently 7-6-1 with an obscure draw. Better than a loss, worse than a win… The 21st century NFL draw :\ In time it’ll tell if they can win their final two regular season games against the Pittsburgh Steelers (22/12, 6-8) and then the Chicago Bears (29/12, 8-6). “Win and they’re in”… I love that about the NFL!