I only tweeted, Facebook statused, acknowledged, ordered a pizza with the knowledge… I now have reason to appreciate (American) Football now I’ve well an truly into it this season. I’m watching it and its like “Happy Thanksgiving”. I don’t do Turkey or Cranberry Jam, or Stuffing, or Pumpkin Pie etc. Some of the comments on the Metro’s article on U.S. Thanksgiving are just hilarious. The kind of reaction people give when you know they weren’t sitting with anyone that cares for the sport to help talk them through it. Instead, just bag on a sport because its different. I actually felt my IQ go down reading some of the comments, its like everyone is entitled to their opinion, only if its an opinion arrived and suitable for “The Adult Table”, am I that Americanised? *awkward face*

Hmmm, re-adjust them foo's that cant "dig it"
Hmmm, re-adjust them foo’s that cant “dig it”

All I know is I’ve loved the Packers for a while, more than any European football team for a while. Vets of my blogs know as “Americanised” as I may become, I’ve always called European Football/Soccer = Football, and then American Football/NFL = American Football. I haven’t fully turned my back on Football, but it doesn’t help itself is all with ticket prices, subscription costs, television rights etc. All too bureaucratic, American Football seems a bit less “merky”. Well Thanksgiving is the age old tradition of three NFL games back-to-back-to-back, from 5:30pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) / 1:30pm ET (Eastern Time) until past 1am GMT, I dont care to work out that time, maybe even later.

This was '94 but seriously that was the high point. Don't Google the final score!
This was ’94 but seriously that was the high point. Don’t Google the final score!

I was only even interested in that first game and my goodness… The Packers let me down, call me a glory-hunter, call me a “homer for A Rod” but without the aforementioned Aaron Rodgers, the Packers aren’t the same team and are figuratively a pain to do so. I have to actually concentrate on the real world with no beautiful August-February distraction, grr.