Erm... Yeah... I think Barca are back now :'( - Image
Erm… Yeah… I think Barca are back now 😥 – Image

The way I’ve been bleating on in these entries like there’s no sport, that’s “hogwash” as theres the Confederation Cup (Yep) but in years gone by it’s been somewhat of a snoozefest. To think the “Next Big Thing” Neymar finally made his move from Santos (in South America) to Europe as for neigh-on five years this 21 year old has been seen as the world talent outside of the infamous Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo debate. Turns out Neymar has sense as yes the Premier League is more watched and more enjoyable, but La Liga is simply skill over power and that Brazilian flair can blossom there. I love how Neymar has the common decency to score two amazing goals within the first ’10 minutes or so of Brazil’s first two group games (Japan, ‘3Mexico, ‘9) so interest is here to stay. All the best to Neymar – a Barcelona team with Messi, Xavi and Iniesta now makes the 2013 Champions League Final (beaten in the Semi’s) look like a temporary setback to their five-odd year strong dominance on world football. I believe even former Barca manager Pep Guardiola has his work cut out for him to keep Bayern Munich the constant force though they’re already added to their 2013/14 squad.

Well I currently find myself watching Italy vs Japan in the second Group A match of the day and its seriously more open and gripping than many could have guessed. This means time is just flying by at the “puck drops” at 1am (normally 1:30am). The football means I’m looking up from the screen every now & again so it looks like a 4-3 win for Italy but that scoreline doesn’t tell the story of the 90 minutes, first 30 Japan, then last 15 Italy, half time 2-1 to Japan (ironic of possession I suppose). The second half was Italy back in it but Japan held their own as though on the first foot Italy kept coming back and won it by a nose (a real Horse Racing Photo Finish kind of drama). All of this is simply amazing as though the main course is American Football I’m being spoilt by all of these starters that don’t touch the sides, but are doing a job.

This is finally going to end! And we are none the wiser which way it'll go either! I'm intregied
This is finally going to end! And we are none the wiser which way it’ll go either! I’m intrigued – Image

No better example of this than the NBA Finals I mentioned last week, well low and behold its gone to a Game Seven and I can’t quote word for word but some of the quotes I heard as only a Spurs: W, L, W, L, W, L, [Game 7] has produced. I think its part and parcel of being a sports fan when people think the worst of the worst for their team so with this neutral – almost as if a commentator non-bias – this means I come across smug or some fountain of all knowledge when I quote Rocky “It ain’t over till its over”. I love how the Heat felt it as well, as forcing overtime and then taking it. I like how the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup Finals don’t step on each-others toes as its the “night-day pattern” of an NFL season but its not, well now its puck drop time so here we go.

Ermahgerd! #Lets Go Bruins! - Image
Ermahgerd! #Lets Go Bruins! – Image

This flip-flop of NBA & NHL though doesn’t hold a candle to the NFL (in my mind) I said awhile ago how the lack of NFL games makes each game that so much crucial. At 2-1 its Chicago 4-3 Boston and following the puck has always been an issue for me so its in the background as I blog, this is now done so I think I’ll try and watch the 3rd period. We’ll see if my Saturday is an upbeat one as Game 7 in the NBA tomorrow (Thursday night/Friday morning). I’m seriously geared up for basketball now, when that’s finished it’ll most likely be the same for Ice Hockey as well, and the Confederations Cup isn’t too bad either as it looks like Brazil will play Spain in the Final on so Neymar will get a taster of Spanish Football.

This took me a while so I find myself in Overtime… This is the 3rd overtime now, lets go Bruins, 5-5 as well… Woah! – And just about to submit it… 6-5 overtime loss… DANG IT! – Well done Blackhawks! Major respect to my favourite WWE wrestler if I had to choose CM Punk, I suppose 😥