Heat or Spurs, all that's missing is a Will Smith, do you get it, Wild Wild West... Random links!
Heat or Spurs, all that’s missing is a Will Smith, do you get it, Wild Wild West… Random links! – Image

When June hits the UK it means some 400% increase in the radio play of Will Smith’s 1991 hit Summertime, this is a made up statistic so don’t take my word for it. Either way everyone is a little bit more cheery as if Christmas had come early but then reality hits that it’s the UK so after waking up having to look on the weather forecast “chances of precipitation“. This rollercoaster of emotion means dealing with a summer without sport can be as equally “hit” or “miss”, yes there is sport as its not like Sky Sports is on some 24/7 loop of static but each to their own? I’m watching the NBA Finals as I made a verbal agreement with my friend’s boyfriend that if his favourite NBA team (Miami Heat – The alternative side of Wikipedia) make the finals I’d go over and watch every game in the Best of Seven series against the San Antonio Spurs.

It shows how much I’m “jonesing” for the NFL, I agreed to watch my least favourite North American Sport out of the big hitters (NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA) but long story short I thought why not? Its good I had this attitude coupled with a I’ll try anything once (WITHIN REASON!) as though I don’t love basketball I never said I didn’t like it/”hated it”. I merely can’t stress enough how other sports overtake my time. I know a little bit about basketball so finding things to talk about over Game 4 last night was a cinch. I jokingly say with my knowledge on NFL and “Nav”s with NBA makes this stretch feel like a student exchange programme. With my little but capable knowledge it means Nav would (I’m not going to speak for him) most likely say that I could be a UK based sports presenter (BBC or Channel 4 sign me up? :p), I could say the same for Nav.

He can even sit in a postgame conference after a loss... LIKE A BAWS! - Image
Tony Parker can even sit in a postgame conference after a loss… LIKE A BAWS! – Image

I say the best way to learn a sport is either sitting in the company of a knowledgeable soul or the way I prefer is picking up a video game, the series is at 2-2 makes now the time. I already knew a fair bit about the NBA so it was never an issue, it was more the attention span as though it really is some end-to-end stuff it had this feeling of not hard-hitting enough. This is where the basketball fans argue that statement until they’re blue in the face, but I simply say everyone is entitled their opinion and unless a harm to themselves or others the gloves come off as the realms of possibility and thought are limitless. I know someone through my mates’ British American Football Team with quite “an opinion” of the sport but each to their own again I suppose.

One last game in San Antonio on Sunday/Monday and this means Miami is the location of the crowning for the 2013 NBA Champions. Nav is Miami Heat through and through (boss – the pantomime villain Miami Heat, oh LeBron), so even before Dwyane Wade (I found out only less than 6hrs ago that he spells it differently from “the norm”) “blew up” Game 4 how he did, I’d gone for the San Antonio Spurs just to be difficult but I’m happy I did, I think I “mancrush” Tony Parker & Danny Green!

Took this photo a good two or three months ago... Freaky
Took this photo a good two or three months ago… Freaky! – p.s. Go Bruins!

p.s. I don’t care if the NHL Stanley Cup started Thursday, went to triple overtime and the Bruins lost, I had to be up early that night/morning so I’ll watch them after the NBA’s finished… Thanks Nav, this NBA Finals series has actually grabbed me.