This is where I become honest for a while, well more honest than someone that lies all the time, not saying that I do; just follow this statement. Though I’m 27 years young (at the time of writing this), only picked up on the TV/Film cameos of certain NFL players back in 1999, started watching NFL games back in 2004, watched my first NFL Draft in 2006 and followed my first NFL calendar season in 2007, I still have an opinion.

This is no joke, but how weird is it the number "74" and "75"? O_o - Image
This is no joke, but how weird is it the number “74” and “75”? O_oImage

Say if my opinion is greater or lesser than those individuals fortunate enough to have watched the man play on television or more so those that shared a stadium to view. The Los Angeles Rams (1961-1971), San Diego “Super” Chargers (1972-1973), and Washington Redskins (1974) were fortunate to “have” him, a career that spanned 13 seasons that gained him notoriety as “The Secretary Of Defense”. All of this people could find out in a wikipedia entry so let me break it down to something a bit more personal.

All my life I’ve preferred defence/defense (or D-Fence, I can’t find “the scene” but Any Given Sunday FTW), in the football/soccer terms when everyone was running playing football in the roads or in the school playground screaming “A” I was screaming “B”. How often I heard “I’m Eric Cantona”, “I’m Alan Shearer”, “I’m Chris Sutton” (ok, no-one screamed that), I can honestly say I was thinking “I’m Steve Bruce”, “I’m Gary Pallister”, “I’m Paul Parker”. Don’t get me wrong, we could go into a real “Sigmund Freud” about it but for the case of this blog it means I value that side of the game more than most. Translating Football/Soccer to Football/American Football and it means so much more as any player though favourited for their attributes they mean more as the individual “football” position calls for the best of the best. To think Deacon Jones retired from the NFL a good 12 years before I was born (1986), didn’t play for any of the teams I’m fond of and one relocated to St Louis for goodness sake. But when talking NFL defenses you better mention Deacon Jones as that is simply a name that can’t be ignored as time and time again it comes up in Top 10 Lists when talking about pass rushers. If sport bores you that much, take into account how people don’t need to appreciate any sport to know something about a sports person, if people look hard enough.

In this case I used to watch G vs. E (Good vs Evil), I’m not going to say it was the greatest programme ever as it wasn’t but in my teen years played “a part”. To think as a boss (BAWS) agent to two field agents on the side of Good, all very “blah-blah-blah” but just know that even acting as a boss, he was angry but I can’t help but think of (WARNING: naughty words) 21 Jump Street again. Either way all of this means though I never watched Deacon Jones play, I’ve seen him act, I’ve seen Top 10 Lists, I’ve heard/read great things, it all means that even this simpleton can applaud his life and simply say thank you Deacon Jones.