For the purpose of this entry I require full silence as questions and answers etc follow the presentation but please wait until the end to pass judgement, I thank you.

Now and always but lets be honest... Club is kickin' country's arse from here to Mars!
Now and always but lets be honest… Club is kickin’ country’s arse from here to Mars! – Image

Don’t get me wrong I was as puzzled as the next Englishman when American clothing brand giants Nike unveiled their design for the 2013/14 England Home Kit. But this is where I don’t feel better or worse than society, I merely feel different – Instead of screaming that it was reminiscent of the 1966 and 1970 West Germany Kits (p.s. Germany are England’s arch-rivals at football if people didn’t know. I didn’t know until Friday that ‘WC’ on a toilet meant “Water Closet” – we’re all human) I simply said Its Nike, its England, its sold.

Last time I checked it doesn't matter how a team looks, win the gorram match! -  Image
Last time I checked it doesn’t matter how a team looks, win the gorram match! – Image

If serious about this whole distaste for “ze Germans” its silly, I personally don’t hate anyone or anything unless it directly hurts my family, everything else is surely circumstantial? In a totally unrelated fact of poorly directed hate *coughs* homophobia *coughs* I went into Soho to spend my friend Kim’s birthday, awesome individual, all the best to a lovely lass, and it was all just ever so funny when on a Piccadilly Line Tube (I’ma Londoner). Not seriously “haha” funny but on the journey back myself and my best friends were welcomed by a sea of Yellow/Black (Borussia Dortmund – Yay!) and Red/White (Bayern Munich – Boo!) in the packed carriages, there was the  Champions League Final at Wembley after all so it all made sense. The vibe was anything but this, but that’s the inconvenient truth to football as its the act of a few that ruin it for the acts of the vast.

This new England kit seems to churn out “fans” that voice distaste but they will more than likely end up buying it anyway. Have a moment to take this in, the fact that Germans show displeasure as opposed to voicing it, learn from this example.

Pretty, don't you think? Is the empathsis away and not home?
Pretty, don’t you think? Is the emphasis away and not home? – Image

This new kit will more than likely get people talking (NIKE/ENGLAND: 1, ENGLISH POPULATION: o), (NOT a smiley emoticon), and possibly no better advertisement of England’s attempts to open their arms to a “cosmopolitan and multicultural” world and “mend fences”. After the sad events surrounding Lee Rigby’s death in Woolwich and the effect on the Islamic faith’s image this is another case of people needing to see the bigger picture as it seriously is just a pocket few. Well the away England shirt is a lot a lot less fuel to the fire so has this kit launch got undertones of England are welcoming, more away than home, naff off BNP?

I don’t overly care, thanks to one Packer-Backer I now know the number of days until NFL season! >.<