When a sale is done and the buyer has to promise not to "screw up" current operations... LOL! Mainstream is silly!
When a sale is done and the buyer has to promise not to “screw up” current operations… LOL! Simply a fact that the mainstream can be silly!

I think that’s what I appreciate most about modern-day sport, its in essence escapism from whatever hum-drum ish is happening our individual lives. I’ve heard in the past that its chief purpose is to distract or smokescreen from the important things in life, unless the planet becomes some dystopia I don’t care. I have a love/hate relationship with the individual I’ve become of late as a result of “the event”, but at the same time its taught me so much, take life a bit more seriously. I feel like I’ve been alienating – second one, I’m fine – friends and family with my bullish attitude of late, but then could someone argue that its assertiveness that produces the “winners” in life? My mission is in a Star Wars/Darth Vader sort of thinking not let it “consume me”, I go to a conversation group, I’m doing charity work with organisations that try to help people through “life-altering events”, that also mean getting involved in the planning of their various other events as well and such; couldn’t have imagined this three years ago, all part of growing up I suppose.

I tell people I’m not special, I’ll just “keep on trucking” and my personal motto is more than apparent in each day I live and breathe. I got on the bus into town, dropped a bunch of shrapnel while trying to sit down but in the minute or so it took to pick it back up again a “randomer” got on the bus he would have otherwise missed… Everything happens for a reason? This entry won’t be about my personal struggles and though I don’t loathe blogs that do this as its all a form of courage I simply don’t have for them so moving on…

This is an entry about the apparent shift in the “cool/uncool”, “geek/chic” frontier. I couldn’t help it with that frontier jibe but seriously is money such an important entity nowadays that fanbases are thrown underneath the bus so the almighty dollar can be earnt? I suppose it has always been an issue but to put it this way:

1) Lucasfilm bought for £2.5billion by Disney
2) Tumblr bought for £723million by Yahoo (that’s £144million to owner David Karp, he still owned 25% and in a vow Yahoo won’t “screw up”)
3) Star Trek & Star Trek: Into The Darkness seemingly rebranding something “holy”, read into that what you like). JJ Abrams’ take is stated as taking part in an alternate universe as “that fanbase” could scream for blood, so smart thinking.
4) How the “next gen” gaming consoles seem hell-bent on including society to their designs as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, all of that “social networking” – sixth paragraph and “films/television” etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah makes the whole idea of buying the damn thing for gaming, seem like a secondary option.
5) The last nail in the coffin has to be how “the mainstream” are making “geek chic” a real thing, but to literally have the word “geek” on clothes.

As it stands, Benedict Cumberbatch is kinda a big deal, Star Trek's more mainstream than the River Thames O_o
Benedict Cumberbatch is currently a big deal thanks to BBCs Sherlock, Star Trek’s more mainstream than the River Thames – Image (Into Darkness Review)

I have to be honest, as a “half and half geek” I’m simply a bit “bleh” about the whole thing, but the hardcore out there can’t be too happy. Star Wars, Star Trek, Playstation, Xbox, thick-rimmed glasses, etc. just means the “alternative crowd” have to deal with mainstream again. South Park have highlighted this with the whole goth/”Twilight Fan” thing and before that the whole metrosexual/gay thing. Fads come and go so instead of throwing hands in the air and screaming blue murder simply ride the wave as the next fad will come and go. Then us real geeks can go back to our consoles and our films… Hopefully, too much natural light, get off me.