I don't have much to talk about... Here's a photoshopped Pokémon card in the form of 'Justin Beaver'
I don’t have much to talk about… Here’s a photoshopped Pokémon card in the form of ‘Justin Beaver’

As much as I’ve been trying to live on a self-imposed budget in this time of austerity (failing miserably), it means I’ve been dialing back on the “interesting” events and sporting matter to blog about recently. I’m not as out-and-about as I used to be as I’ve decided on seeing things a bit differently and just curbing it, that’s actually a blessing in disguise as you’ll all soon enough see. No NFL, no Six Nations, recovering from an International Football Week, what the heck is the point of television at the moment as my need for a sports-wise Nicotine Patch is starting to show. The main thing I’ve been doing this week is helping to plan out a Heritage 2 Health event for the end of May between Marble Hill and Ham House, consider this moment in time as one for mentioning those general musings and refering to the official H2H blog site – I’m so happy I’ve found that organisation as it does a world of good for any individual “overcoming a life-altering event”.

Find out more about H2H here, this blog is done for a week… I’ll have more when it comes… Honest!