Nothing more to say than this whole “staying-in” lark isn’t half an interesting slant on a life, though manageable it seems one of the toughest things a 20-something year old male could do. Between manflu and generally watching the pennies it means for a more low-key weekend as for a Saturday Night I found myself watching a DVD my sister was done with. A weekend without the NFL, Six Nations, or club football was brutal, yes England Mens Football Team got eight but International Football just isn’t the same is it? As much as I consider myself a supporter of a crazy number of sports I only consider myself a fan of a mire handful so it really was tough for me to even get inspiration for a blog, this one only came to me at Sunday Morning (you don’t want to see what I had in the drafts since Wednesday, you do?) It simply meant time for my PS3 (oh my priorities have changed somewhat since “this”, I used to enjoy it), watching a DVD – personally there never seems to be anything on the telly and though I should be reading a good book, they don’t account for manflu and films are great for such an occasion.

Besides typing the odd piece I’ve been watching my xmas present, it should be part of the NHS to state that the patient should watch it. Had a meet up with H2H on Wednesday, I have another next week and though I’m good enough to meet a handful of people I had an exercise class in Richmond last Monday (revisiting the ol’ rehab centre was like a human MOT) but a “weekend environment” just wasn’t going to cut it. Hence my Saturday Night was watching the 2010 “mediocre” film Knight And Day – Quite a good Black Eyed Peas theme song, but this is where I have to admit that though my passion for all films as well as my quest for a quality film can sometimes be seen as too deep for some it could be seen as too shallow for others – Its impossible to please everyone so just be yourself – This is a great subject and lists always seem to ignite discussion though they could be seen as overdone in modern-day blogsbut to be honest I saw it as a personal challenge as I keep saying to people “I love this film, I love that film”, well here’s an attempted list:

Alex’s Top 10 Movies (In No Particular Order)

DepartedThe only surefire #1 in this list has to be The Departed, it feels funny stating that this film was released in 2006 as it feels like its been out longer than that as I’ve watched it time and time again as 1. Martin Scorsese finally got his Oscar – long overdue. 2. Leonardo Di Caprio “owns me” since Titanic in 1997 (I went to the cinema and everything). 3. Matt Damon – I bet most reading this post couldn’t read that name without putting on “the voice”. 4. If Jack Nicholson, Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, and Mark Wahlberg are “merely” secondary characters in this remake of 2002 Hong Kong crime-triller Infernal Affairs, then colour me sold. 5. Its set in Bahston. After watching this I (WARNING: Bit of swearingdouble-dare anyone to say that they didn’t like it – If this is you… Fair play ^_^

Shawshank Redemption2. The Shawshank Redemption This was released in 1994, even more crazy to me than ‘The Departed’. To think the black/white divide, the rich/poor divide, the smart/stupid divide all mean “Sweet Football Association” when in prison. All of this is questioned, all of this is tackled, all of this leaves the audience wanting more (not literally speaking as it wraps up amazingly, well done Stephen King… “Go Sox“!).

The_Matrix_Poster3. The Matrix This was 1999, if it stayed with its original and didn’t churn out The Matrix Reloaded and especially The Matrix Revolutions I’d have been happy but “it flew too close to the sun” and it got burned as each instalation seemed to water it down. (personally speaking – Which is a shame as ask anyone in college and they’ll say how I used to love it. Not as far as the coat, boots and shades, but still)

Pulp_Fiction_cover4. Pulp Fiction This was 1994 as well, I’m sensing a linear line between two of the four films mentioned so far *sarcasm detected*. Speaking of linear, <Insert typical “black expression” here> as I love me a non-linear narrative along the lines of TV Programmes ‘How I Met Your Mother’Second paragraph and be nice, one of my first blogs and ‘Family Guy’ – Tangents with a meaningful point are amazing (to me).

fight-club-movie-poster-1999-10202156045. Fight Club This was 1999, to produce it just before the 2000-millennium was an amazing one, I’m by no means Guy Fawkes (watch V for Vendetta – I didn’t like it but same idea) or some form of militant leader with guerilla tactics but what an amazing time to convert Chuck Palahniuk’s popular book into a more popular film?

BttF II6. Back To The Future: Part II IMDB had the first “BttF” in their top 250, I’ve always preferred part two. Ironic as I’ve always preferred certain aspects of society’s past, but then again I think that is society’s music and words etc not trying to be some low form of historian. I’ve always been “a bit geeky” so this prospective of the future and question “what if” but it doesn’t look like that hoverboard is going to happen. *sad face*

Green Mile7. The Green Mile This was 1999 as well, a real linear line forming. It’s made even more sad that Michael Clarke Duncan (The focus of the whole dang film) sadly passed away on 3rd September 2012 so if a film could touch the audience’s hearts any more than it already had (yet another Stephen King adaptation) then that’s how to do it. Then add a small door mouse and the truly horrid little creature that is “Sam Rockwell’s character” in it and it all just adds to an amazing ride for any person chosing to watch this film as time seriously just flew by.

GoodFellas_film_poster8. Goodfellas The line I always tell my family and friends is great if you don’t have the patience or tolerance for The Godfather Trilogy (434 minutes – 7 hours and 14 minutes, weird as I watched The Lord of the Rings Trilogy in one sickday – 558 minutes – 9 hours and 18 minutes) watch this 1990 film that has all of the intrigue but none of the toilet breaks. Both feature Robert Di Niro (well Godfather Part II does) and though I’m a little bit older and wiser so I’ll give The Godfather another “stab” some time soon, but ever since I first watched Goodfellas, I loved it.

Five_hundred_days_of_summer9. (500) Days of Summer This film was released in 2009 so it may lose some points as it gets closer to 2020 (“see” the pun? 20/20, Justin Timberlake wasn’t involved with this “joke” or reference to the vision). This film was instantly unforgetable (to me) and has quickly become a staple for Valentines Day as I think the idea if you haven’t got someone on this day it makes you feel worthless simply isn’t right, can’t people see failed relationships and being “single” as a situation someone needs to be in their life before it happens for them? This film paints a very realistic and important picture of things.

In this film is the definition of its not what you have, its what you do with it. In my 27 year life I’ve NEVER seen a more inspirational film in my life (in my opinion). I’m not going to say that there were no other inspirational moments in humanity (the 1995 Rugby World Cup in South Africa – laters apartheid) or people (who’s John Lennon or Mahatma Gandhi? *sarcasm detected again*) but fictious or not, this film made a stroke survivor want to lift a car but I have a 99.9% chance to failing to do so.

Thanks to IMDB as my brain goes sometimes, I had to cross-reference from time-to-time as I remember when I see the name of the film but the list looks a lot like “a given” looking at it now.

Honourable Mentions

nick_and_norahs_infinite_playlist_2008Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist I can be a bit of a soppy romantic sometimes and this film about a couple of late-teens and their story in the adventure playground that is New York City in quest of a hidden gig by a popular local band. Did I forget to mention it boasts one of the best soundtracks for an indie-rocker in modern-day cinema (in my opinion – Always 0pen to other suggestions).

offsideOffside I recommended it to a friend a while ago, one of the best and most underrated sports films that come to mind, I somewhat appreciate sport – *sarcasm detected* but I don’t love foreign films. But add the sports quality to a foreign film and it soon becomes interesting (to me). A film shot like a documentary (though fictious – I think it still happens, so much so the film’s banned in it’s origin Iran) about how women try to catch an Iranian home match for the 2006 (Football) World Cup Qualifiers, not as easy as it sounds.

eternal_sunshine_of_the_spotless_mind_ver4TrumanshowThe Truman Show & Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind – So let me get this straight, Jim Carrey in two films that seemed to depict things not being what they seemed? I’m thinking that’s the best Jim Carrey could aim for without the film being seen as a “bust”, his “kooky nature” sits well with me a lot better than Robin Williams‘ but both of these films push the mind and people that personally know me know how that aspect is well and truly up my street.

requiem_for_a_dreamRequiem for a Dream – To think that before ‘30 Seconds To MarsJared Leto was a boss actor, one of the most underrated actors going but then he went back to his “first love” and so came “The Justin Timberlake Issue”, soon enough he’ll hopefully return to acting as “J.T’s” gone back to his music. A great film that depict various levels of drug-dependancy in various forms as well as outcomes, if anyone ever needed a “Mr Mackey Moment that works”.

These are 2010’s so I really don’t know yet.

50-50, The Hunger GamesInception, Silver Linings PlaybookScott Pilgrim vs The World, The Kings SpeechShutter Island, Pitch Perfect *recommendations welcome*

I’m sure there are always others but this is a bit of personal fun as it’s a challenge for myself, you guys should try it.