If you can't respect D.B's career, then you don't understand football (in my eyes)
If you can’t respect D.B’s career, then you don’t understand football (in my eyes)

In little under two months and two weeks time (26th May) an away match against Lorient will more than likely mark the last professional football match in David Beckham’s illustrious footballing career. It was only on a walk back from the local Tesco to buy some Wasabi Peanuts (quite an awesome sinus-beater when battling manflu) did I dwell on such a career and as much as I wrote about his move to PSG – third paragraph – I have to see this as the ‘Return Of The Jedi‘ to the ‘Empire Strikes Back‘ (I’m such a geek) move to America as “Brand Beckham” had no better home than “Tinseltown”. Where I have to cut David Robert Joseph Beckham some slack, this man is the living-breathing example of “doing the most with what you’ve got”. Football gets a horrible reputation for churning out a certain “type” of player but I remember Gordon Strachan mention on Football Focus one week that its only applicable to some 5% or something small of that nature.

David Beckham is human as he’s had his on-field issues with red cards, off-field issues with alleged affairs, but then all of that seems to somehow fade into the background as all of the good he’s done with his “celebrity status” is just unreal. The typical template of the career as one of a member of Sir Alex Ferguson’s “Kids” philosophy so timelessly mentioned by Alan Hansen – love it – but this is only the start with that “clean image”. In the aspect of “the kids”, it started in 1992 and there was somewhat of a reunion last summer for Gary Neville’s testamonial in 2012, no better example of time waits for no man. To mark my appreciation for this one footballer vs. Wimbledon on 17th August ’97 with such cheek and audaciousness I just knew that there was something special about him and though 11 years old at the time and just about to start secondary school I just knew I was right- I even went as far as buying this as mark of it.

1998... Eep
1999… Eep

Though the marriage to Victoria Beckham nee Adams (in 1999) somewhat “killed” my appreciation levels as I was “mancrushing” talent before it was cool *sticky out tongue* – My problem was how the marriage quickly thrusted him into the public eye for reasons not football related, as much as I may not have minded listening to the Spice Girls growing up (my sister loved them) if it’s not football-related why would most Manchester United supporters care? Fast-forward four years and after a bit of “no player is bigger than Manchester United”, Beckham transferred to Real Madrid (in 2003) where now “Brand Beckham” was anywhere but in the UK, the news seemed to die down, that transfer to the LA Galaxy (in 2007). Then there were the loan moves to AC Milan (2008 & 2009) and very soon ten years (2009) had gone by since his marriage. A solid temporary home in America and “Becks” is taking one “final step” as he’s opted for a five-month deal to PSG and donating his wages to charity, he didn’t have to and yes he is already worth millions. This and many other things in his time means that he’ll most likely get a knighthood but long story short is David Beckham has done more than enough to warrant one. I think the saddest thing missing from the resume was that spot on the Olympic GB team as I think David Robert Joseph Beckham has done everything right with his professional footballing career and people need to put their hands up and admit as much.

All the same I think this manflu hasn’t got the better of me but at the same time it’s definitely put a spanner in the works of my a blog post on the Friday – “Give or take” well it that’s a miss then I’m more than adamant on submitting an entry a least once a week since 2010, though again I’m sure I’ve missed a couple of those deadlines as well – but come on, cut a poorly guy some slack.

Maaaaaaaaaaate, easy to guess this! - Said no-one EVER!
Easy to guess this final table!Said no-one EVER!

p.s. England Men’s Rugby Team makes me upset, England U20’s Rugby Team makes me happy – Massive props to Ireland Women’s Rugby Team and of course THE MIGHTY QUINS, on their way to a treble trick!