This is the third "standard" Super Bowl logo. How on earth can they call it "The [N]o [F]un [L]eague"? - SARCASM DETECTED!
This is the third “standard” Super Bowl logo. How on earth can they call it The No Fun League? – SARCASM DETECTED!
I had the worst feeling going into Super Bowl Weekend last week, I’d come back to UK Television and easily accessible internet just in time for the occasion – Good. But there were no Packers or Patriots playing – BadBut I’d found a silver-lining. One of the chief reasons I’d somewhat defected from football to football (I’m funny?) was how there is always a story to how each team got to the Super Bowl and how one is seen somewhat of an underdog though the other has to be seen as the favourite. Last week didn’t really cough up an underdog/favourite story, the NFL still seems to know how to churn out some variation year after year. Baltimore Ravens Head Coach: John Harbaugh and San Francisco 49ers Head Coach: Jim Harbaugh, brothers so this was known as “The Harbaugh-Bowl”. No better example of the Super Bowl dilemma and to be honest sporting dilemma when “your team” isn’t featured and that is Head vs Heart. This is all retrospectively written so of course we’ll all have to wait patiently to see what my point was.Hmmm... Head

Head, said it all – Image  Courtesy of ESPN

Head: I was thinking all last week that the 49ers may just edge it as though both teams have a certain top rusher/top defense philosophy when building their respective teams. The 49ers beat “my” Packers twice (Week 1 & Divisional Round) and boast Frank Gore (#1o leading rusher of the regular season), the defense is big, stout, and a real concern for any offense-minded team in the NFL. If the Green Bay Packers are the Goliath of the past 5 or so years in that respect, call the 49ers the David as they seem to have “our” number as they may not be too threatening going forward, but that defense, just wow. Either way my head said 49ers from here until always and my head wasn’t going to change it’s mind until 00:00 in the 4th quarter as the NFL always throws up this judgement.

Ah Heart... What have you done to me?
Ah Heart… What have you done to me? – Image  Courtesy of ESPN

Heart: The Baltimore Ravens seemed like a real 1b to the San Francisco 49ers 1a – Though it seemed more like the 49ers were “on the way up” and the Ravens were on the way down”. No disrespect to said Ravens but everything on the head-to-head had it that this was a matchup though the story says there was a slight difference, the stats said it was a different story. As much as both teams featured a big bruising back as though I pointed out that 49ers Frank Gore was #10, well the Ravens Ray Rice was #11. This game really seemed against the Ravens, the one player that symbolises the Baltimore Ravens franchise after their 1995 relocation from Cleveland is Ray Lewis, the 37 year old middle linebacker may have his personal history but I personally see him as an NFL player first. Much like John Terry I think I have something in me to just switch off from any “celebrity” personal life and just see them at their profession and have to simply admit that inconvenient truth.

If not into (American) Football, there was the Beyonce half time show, and of course the Super Bowl commericals. I know, I love them too *sarcasm detected*
If not into (American) Football, there was the Beyoncé half time show, and of course the Super Bowl commercials. That’s the Super Bowl – Something for everyone!

Either way fast-forward an action-packed Super Bowl (Ravens in the first half and at the beginning of the 3rd, then some 35 minute break; then came the 49ers came back for big parts of the 3rd and beginning of the 4th, but the Ravens had enough to hang on), a solid Super Bowl half time show by Beyoncé. With it all said and done I’m so happy that my heart beat my head. Notch it as one more win for the National Football League, these situations happen more than they ever do in the Premier League, funny as it’s when I see things like Sunday Brunch doing segments (featuring one of my best friend’s fiancé – he’s #52, go Watford Cheetahs – Literally the first thing on the show) though it gives American Football publicity – In a way I’m kind of tired trying to state how great a spectacle it is, if people don’t get it, they’re missing out, simple as.

Another Super Bowl in the books and I came across this, how sad a fact it is.