Can you guess where I'am? It's like Where's Wally, But Not O_o
Can you guess where I’am? It’s like Where’s Wally, But Not O_o

This post on 11th January marks the first of 2013, I can’t help but feel somewhat like I’ve let people down as from an I’m going to post every day to an I’m going to post every Friday to an I’m going to post every week. But now I find myself in an I’m going to post when I feel like it. I’m not trying to make excuses and I’m not going to make out like I’m living like a rockstar as though I’ve never said that I did, I don’t want to make out like everything in my life is worth blogging. As it stands I like to type but recently life is getting in the way (sometimes in a good way, but mostly in a bad way), I’ve started an individual Heritage 2 Health blog (one of the few good ways) this new year marks a return to the motherland (well mine anyway). I know I don’t act at all Nigerian but then while growing up though not severe or physical that feeling of I assume you’re a foreigner, well I was born in West Middlesex Hospital if that helps? A weird feeling of though not taken personally feeling of being a man without a country (I’ll read the book (maybe the, but then there’s the film) at one point or another) well it is what it is and I’ll carry on as what seems to be the family motto is ever so apparent – Funnily enough when renewing my Nigerian passport I made issued the fact I have dual nationality, so I need to stop with that attitude. My best friend seemed to apologise for a nation nonetheless when not to sound funny but it doesn’t get to me anymore as its the kind of situation that when I hear about the hardships of people of African Descent I thank my lucky stars that society is nothing like that anymore as the words “shooting” “ducks” “in a” and “barrel” come to mind.

He was... More of that!
He was… More of that on Saturday!

With this New Year comes the aged New Years Resolutions that though for 99.9% of the world seem to snap by February, I have numerous one’s so its still early days. I’m looking forward to Nigeria as I’ve never noticed just how cold this country gets as I always thought I didn’t mind it but I do of late. No excuses as I just feel that though 2013 will be the year, I think everyone feels like that and that soon dies but I hope I’m not included. I just have a great feeling about H2H, Gord’s back from South America so I’ll push on with that, then there’s writing about the Packers season, a couple more things lined up, 0r I hope so. That awkward moment when you find out that you will be on an aeroplane some 30,000 feet up in the air during the Packers @ 49ers divisional round game, well I hope for a Packers win as I still have that sports-superstition. Otherwise to everyone reading this have a great weekend as I know you all will. My first blog of 2013 officially in the books.