One of the best wallpaper's ever... Agree?
One of the best PC/laptop wallpaper’s ever… Agree?

The facts of modern-life, Christmas Eve is the 24th December, Christmas Day is the 25th December, Boxing Day is the 26th December, New Years Eve is the 31st December, and New Years Day is the 1st January. This means that (personally speaking) the dates between the 27th December and the 30th December scream boredom as from having something to work up to such as Christmas, to nothing, but then to do something for New Years. This is the pattern until my birthday on the 27th February, most things from February don’t really keep me interested for I prefer winter to summer so a lull until 31st October as I love me some Halloween. One thing that has become somewhat of a tradition between myself and my sister has been attending The Big Game, to think that the first one was in 2008, the first one we went to was in 2009 and its been a staple since.

What originally pulled us in was that though my favourite club team are the London Harlequins and my sisters are the London Wasps, though we don’t follow each match and eagerly await the results each weekend. I think that’s what I love about The Big Game as it speaks to the supporter, but doesn’t alienate “the fanatic” that literally follows their club team on the European odyssey. I sometimes follow the Harlequins’ progress through the ESPN Scorecenter app, but sometimes my level of interest fades as my life isn’t sport, a big part of my life but it’s not a job and its not paying the bills so until that happens this is a nice little arrangement.

#Time To Play The Game!
#Time To Play The Game!

I like to think that the limbo between Christmas Day and New Years Eve gets filled by this, no better place than Twickenham Stadium for a price as low as £10. That’s all The Big Game is, £10 and people can watch some Premiership Club Rugby as it is always Harlequins (my team since I was 10 years old) versus a selected Premiership rival, I can’t remember if it is a club chosen by Quins or by its fans as I remember that they did ask once. Either way Wasps beat Quins back in 2009. I love that my sister and I still do things like this though as due to her moving out we rarely see eachother, when I typed about my cousins birthday (Last paragraph) – That was the venue for a surprise catchup, I wish I was making it up. All the best to her and to the London Harlequins as yes the inaugural Premiership title last season helps in the support, but 16 years now, I started showing my fondness that look ago, hmm.

This time should be a good one I hope as yes the Quins are 1st and London Irish are 11th in a 12 team Aviva Premiership, results haven’t always been “bread and butter” for them. As it stands I think they have a 1-3 record, but hopefully a win will turn that to 2-3!