Tigers tend to eat Birds for dinner right? Silver Linings Playbook did warm me up somewhat to the Eagles... Nah.
Tigers tend to eat Birds for dinner right? Silver Linings Playbook did warm me up somewhat to the Eagles… Nah.

One thing for sure is that I will not refer to that thing well documented all of Wednesday, I honestly mean it, so overdone *shifty eyes*. This entry marks my final TNF blog until 1) Asked specifically. 2) I get bored. 3) I get free time again. 4) A matchup is too good to be true. With an Bengals @ Eagles matchup, I did just mention ‘Silver Linings Playbooklast week and has honestly been the best heartwarming thing I’ve seen associated with the city of Philadelphia since Rocky (originally released in 1976, I swear I first saw it when I was 12 or something). Speaking of ‘Rocky’, only 5 in-game minutes of an Eagles home game is enough to make me dislike the soundtrack composer Bill Conti, I have ‘The Best of Rocky‘ but how many times I’ve heard them play it is disheartening. I think it’s the “go-to” song whenever its an Eagles first down or the sky is blue, but with 10 it feels like I’m hearing it a lot more than any human being should have to, maybe its more than first downs then?

Same ol' - Same ol', and I did say it... "Red Rifle"
Same ol’ – Same ol’, and I did say it… “Red Rifle”

I found myself getting in from my uncle’s tonight (Thursday) at 10:30pm (GMT), so I set the alarm for 1am (Friday, GMT) as a power nap can normally do the trick. I find myself instead waking up at 2am and I boot up and switch on my laptop just as the 1st quarter finishes with a score of 10-0 to the Bengals, the kind of time in a game that many people could be mistaken in thinking that it was already over. The quote I keep saying again & again whenever watching American Football is obvious (last sentence) to the loyal reader, no better example as what followed was a 2nd quarter of Eagles domination from a Bengals capitulation capped off by one-time Patriots WR/Returner Brandon Tate opting to run out a punt though he had one foot in the end zone so instead having an automatic 20 yard marker with a touchback, he could only return to the 11 yard line. Entering the 3rd quarter at 13-10 Eagles it was all to play for, though the Eagles were “done” when talking playoff hopes they could still disrupt the Bengals that need to win their final 3 regular season games (@Eagles, @Steelers, Ravens). What followed in some two or two and a half minutes was 3 Eagles turnovers, suddenly a tight 3 point game turned into a rather one-sided 11 point one with the Bengals well and truly finishing with 10 more in the 4th. I’m sorry to speak so bluntly but the Bengals didn’t show anything that said they were a team to be feared if they do in fact make the playoffs, but like I said time and time again, this is why I love the NFL as its just so unpredictable.

Hmm... This has playoff ramifications.. Apparently
Hmm… This game had playoff ramifications… Apparently

Well TNF is done for this season and to be honest, its the NFL Network production, host, analysis that saved a rather lacklustre schedule. The NFL Network crew are everything I love about attacking sports, funny as anything, but there’s a point underneath all of the humour. Well roll on the Packers @ Bears this weekend in a slate of games NFL Network are even going as far as starting the Twitter hashtag #StatementSunday, this is going to be fun. On the AFC side of things it makes for an amazing end to the season as though the Packers are on top of the NFC North, its the month of December and especially the later end of the month that is the most telling. There is a general consensus that the NFL is a “passing league” nowadays, but when it gets colder, icier, windier, it means for the need of an efficient running game. last week the Packers seriously showed one against the Detroit Lions on SNF, so confident, I even went as far as tweeting this, and though the top end of the AFC playoff hunt seems straight-forward for a couple or even triple number of teams, the NFC one can not be forgotten either. Fun indeed.