Penultimate TNF entry, you lucky pups!
Penultimate TNF entry, you lucky pups!

Before I start, just to point a couple of things. First, this is the penultimate So What Did TNF Teach Us? blog since I could be bothered summary of the normally lacklustre Thursday Night Football, next weeks Bengals @ Eagles is the last one of the schedule. Then how it is weird that the next TNF is at the Eagles as I only just posted about the film Silver Linings Playbook which has to be the surprise film of best rom-com ever Ever EVER. I know saying best rom-com is like asking “What’s your favourite series of Big Brother” or “What’s your favourite football team?”, unless the audience cares for the actual subject, who cares? Just my final thought if ever put in the position by the significant other.

This week’s Broncos @ Raiders wasn’t the whitewash some thought it would be but then this was on a national television stage of oh, so the Raiders are light-heavyweights against heavyweights, though they make a good account for themselves its never enough as they can’t seem to move up in the weight class. The Oakland Raiders don’t even seem to find themselves in the cruiserweight division in between as I like to see team classification as simply as possible.

32 teams total – 10 at the top end, 12 in the middle, 10 at the bottom end.

Respect can't be asked for, it must be ordered. - If this a mob film or tv show *coughs* Goodfellas *coughs*
Respect can’t be asked for, it must be taken – If this a mob film or tv show *coughs* Goodfellas *coughs*

In the Raiders case, they seem to always find themselves punching at the top end… of the bottom end. The Raiders haven’t found themselves drafting outside of the first 10 positions (which means that they have consistently been 1 of the 10 worst teams) since 2005. Though that doesn’t sound very long in the European sporting ranks, in North America that can feel like somewhat of an eternity as 2005 marked the first ever “International Series” game (though not the Wembley one). It was the year in which the Pittsburgh Steelers won their 5th of their 6 Superbowl trophies also Bill Cowher ended his tenure as the 15th Head Coach of the Steelers (est 1945 – an average of a new coach every 4 years, in a sport like the NFL, not an easy feat). Last notes from 2005 is the rushing leader being Seahawks RB Shaun Alexander, Eagles QB Donovan McNabb was elected the Madden 06 cover star (selected in 2005). This and more only highlighted how long the Raiders have had to wait for a playoff calibre team, only earlier today I found myself having a Twitter conversation with someone asking who was I behind in the TNF game, I said Raiders, no regrets.

NOW: Broncos (10-3) @ Raiders (3-10), it was never "on" was it? :'(
NOW: Broncos (10-3) @ Raiders (3-10), luckily as partisan as they come. It was never “on” was it? 😥

As much as everything seemed to be against the Raiders (3-9) and everything was going for the Broncos (3-9), some of the reasons that I gave to this guy on Twitter seemed more like “wishful thinking” but I didn’t care. Truth in truths is that the Raiders have had to deal with a number of issues with their secondary, the counterstrike was to move their S Michael Huff (I was watching when he got drafted) move to CB. With a “cerebral assassin” like Peyton “Pey-Pey” Manning it wasn’t a great time having to deal with those sort of issues, technically against Pey-Pey no issues at all would be beneficial. The Raiders made a good account for themselves and instantly bring out the old adage to any losing team give them time, I’m not sure if the front office is ever given time though maybe Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen will be given it. The Broncos are on an eight-game winning streak after this 26-13 win and with a real look at sneaking one of the two first-round bye slots given to the two best records in the conference. Von Miller at LB gets more of my respect than “Pey-Pey” as though Manning is great, it really is something. Well same time next week as ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ really has warmed my heart to the Eagles, but “The Red Rifle”… “THE RED RIFLE!”