Ok, I don't love rom-coms, but when its good, its good! - If you like American Football, "PAT - Good"
I don’t love rom-coms but when its good its GOOD – If you like American Football, “PAT – Good!”

With a title like Heading but never forgetting this entry is about how people generally in life may be heading somewhere in life but try not to forget the things on the way. Remember how I mentioned that I went to Infernos for a friend’s b’day? (Jimmy Hendrix in da house) Well he had organised for a bunch of us with some form of liking of “Sports Entertainment” to hang out Friday Night (07/12/2012) to play WWE13, watch a wrestling DVD or two, generally hang out. I know that this is when some people reading this entry may think “really? How old are you?” but to be honest its the point I’m trying to make. I’ve experienced a lot-a lot since I last found myself glued to the television watching an edition of Raw or Smackdown, all the same I find myself catching it from time-to-time and though I no longer have an overriding passion stay tuned I still find myself buying the video games.

DeSean Jackson's most memorable moment is documented in this film. CLASSIC! - Warning: Schadenfreude
DeSean Jackson’s most memorable moment is documented in this film. CLASSIC! – Warning: Schadenfreude

Another case of “remember” was that I’ve never been one to loathe a good romcom (KEYWORD: good) I saw Silver Linings Playbook on Wednesday (£9.45 per ticket, £4.725 is just fine). In a film that could be seen as “your typical romcom” I don’t think its fair to say it like that. It may be my interest of American Football but I’ve not enjoyed a romcom in such a long time. All set in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania it strongly links with the NFL Franchise Philadelphia Eagles but I found myself conflicted as there are not many NFL teams leave me so “lethargic“. Between their fanbase and their front office decisions mean for a team that leave a lot wanting out of the 32 professional teams. With that said even those teams mentioned against the Eagles were all teams again left wanting to the partisan fan, so maybe the scriptwriters/original author (originally based on a novel – any surprise?) knew that the Philadelphia Eagles are not necessarily the most loved NFL franchise, so no better way of saying the possible lesser of two evils.

I knew it from the moment I left the screen... "I mancrush the woman that is Jennifer Lawrence".
I knew it from the moment I left the screening… How I mancrush the woman that is Jennifer Lawrence

Well distaste for the Eagles aside, hearing about them is still a thrill as Invincible was evidence of a franchise with great history and a telling story. People always mention Rocky when talking about the city of Philadelphia in a sporting sense, though that was fictitious  Invincible wasn’t and though I’m sure it was relatively doctored as most Hollywood adaptations somewhat deviate  from the original source. In the case of ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ it is a story of Bradley Cooper’s character being nudged by friends &  family alike to get over his wife for an eight-month stretch in a mental hospital in Baltimore was the reward for flipping out after walking in on his wife’s affair. The die-hard film buff may call this brief synopsis a spoiler but I don’t think it is as it is merely highlighting where the heck this story is going, I hadn’t known until I saw it with my own eyes, do you get it? “SILVER LININGS playbook”, as to say that every experience in life has a silver lining, even walking in on a marital affair. This is a problem with films nowadays as people don’t have any idea of a films plot unless willing to pay some crazy amount of money as critics don’t always give films a fair crack of the whip. I don’t think my opinion is better than theirs, merely that most reviewers can forget that they don’t write on general opinion but in their opinion. Though American Football is not prevalent in this country, could this film be redone in a Fever Pitch/Perfect Catch (My first ever blog, so be nice) way as it is an amazing story of sports/love that features a sport unfortunately not highly regarded, but most reading this are emotionally balanced, right?

That sort of I can relate attitude could be missed but one thing I hope people can spot while watching this film is the flourishing Father & Son’esque relationship between Robert De Niro & Bradley Cooper. In Limitless the pair were a form of are they on the same team or not? but in this film they really are on the same team as they are Father & Son in this – So the relationship had to look genuine and as an impartial observer I can only say nailed it. Without a shadow of a doubt I’ll get this film on DVD as what better film for a stereotypical sport-loving guy and emotionally-involved woman? *Is there any way of saying that without sounding sarcastic? I’m not, honest*