I like this programme more than people can tell. Deeper than a cupcake with a filling?
I like this programme more than people can tell. Deeper than a cupcake with a filling?

After watching an episode or so of 2 Broke Girls I knew that I was in love as it really tells “it” how it is, never one to back down or pick on one diverse group in particular (either its all ok or none of it is ok). From the creator of Sex and the City Michael Patrick King (lets focus on the TV series, the film 1) it “missed the boat2) I hear hasn’t got much on the TV series) so I’m sure that there are a couple of similarities between the two. In both 2 Broke Girls & Sex and the City – the story is one thing but the undertone of “a family-like friendship” should be notified but the problem that seems to have presented ‘2 Broke Girls’ is that it can be seen as racist. The way Michael Patrick King has to defend ‘2 Broke Girls’ is just crazy as I personally don’t see all of those issues as I believe that society may be guilty of being too sensitive of situations.

Offensive, and its ok, because no one group is targeted. Take a joke folks
Offensive, and its ok. No one group is targeted. Take a joke folks

I read this one and I began to think to myself how I personally deal with being a stroke survivor, a process that can be likened to how “MPK” writes the script. Before it happened to me I’d never have thought twice about saying controversial things about myself, even for the purpose of making a point in this entry I can’t write it down but that’s where myself and “MPK” are different. “MPK” is openly homosexual which is the kind of step that opens the door to poking fun at oneself, though he does it openly when scriptwriting to topic of homosexuality is not alone. A la South Park, Family Guy, and any other controversial programmes the audience is asked to look beyond the obvious “shock factor” and see the working parts underneath in a modern day Wizard of Oz’esque “man behind the curtain”. They tackle modern-day issues & stereotypes and the way they highlight them are just laughable, there lies the comedy as things really are that unbelievable.

All I know is that a 2nd series/season started on Thursday 15 November 2012 and its picked exactly where it left off at the end of the 1st series/season, let the story of Max’s Cupcakes continue.