Oooooooooo.... I know a guy that likes each team, I may have to start a mission to state a fan of each of the 32!
Ooooo… I know a guy that likes each team, start a mission to state a fan of each of the 32!

What can I say about this edition of TNF? Its the 88th edition of the Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints story, it was the Saints that beat the Falcons in wk10, as it stands as the only time that team have lost (so far) this season. It was a game that before the season started could have been seen that the Saints had the edge, but against a 10-1 Falcons, being an organisation without a Head Coach this season, recovering from an 0-4 start to the season, the Falcons were slowly edging those Saints. Well documented (for those trying to look) that Rich Eisen (great NFL Network anchor – with a side-dish of comedy) has tried stamping a new nickname for Falcons QB Matt “Matty Ice” Ryan, well it may not have been a “Mattural” performance as it was the Defense, again, I’m noticing a pattern with TNF (Defense tends to be the winner).

The Falcons are by no means 49ers (known for their defense) but they are arguably one of the most well rounded teams going into this final furlong. The problem is that the Falcons arent dominant on any part of their team. Their offense, defense & special teams are all above average but its not like they need those units to turn up every game but there’s that distinct feel of “just be average and it can do it”. In each position there is a notable player and I think that is all any team can ask for.

The game was your average start, the Falcons scored a 3yd rushing TD (I even tweeted how Michael Turner is basically the “vulture” to an emerging Jacquizz Rodgers). I have to be honest that I nipped off after about 7 minutes of the 1st qtr and I found myself re-emerging from it to a 17-13 scoreline midway through the 3rd qtr as that came after the Falcons finished the half with a 17yd TD Tony Gonzalez pass reception (I even tweeted about my appreciation for him). The 45yd FG by Bryant and then those 13 points (Ingram 1yd TD rush, a couple of Hartley FG’s 21yds & 52yds). In retrospect I should have stayed asleep as the Saints chose my attention as a good time to then give up a pair of FGs (29yds & 55yds) and lose 13-23. The big story will be how Drew Brees failed to continue the impressive Consecutive games with a TD record, well this means the Tom Brady is next up with so expect all that talk to move over to him midway next season.

"Matty Ice", "Mattural", "Matt-Cat".. Whatever!
“Matty Ice”, “Mattural”, “Matt-Cat”.. Whatever!

As fun as it was missing any remanence of a New Orleans Saints offense, I’m off to bed now as its the Packers this weekend in one that needs to fruitful as that painful loss on SNF. The Giants were amazing with their pass rush sacking Rodgers 5 times, funny that, 5 was the number of INTs from Brees tonight, oh Drew “mancrush” Brees, you make it so so hard.