I can only guess that 1 of the 10 wasn’t to lose (until end of the 1st half) a very rusty Eli

I think it was a bit “too good to be true” that the Green Bay Packers could go the rest of the 2012 season without losing, their last loss was in week 5 against the Indianapolis Colts. I’m not going to go too deep into that loss, a loss that felt like 1/2 a loss as for first half of that game the Packers were 21-3. Coupled with a week 10 bye it all amounted to a five game winning streak, especially after a horrible start to the season who knew that last night was a possibility as the feel-good factor was high in “Packer Nation”. The sad fact is even if it wasn’t the injuries, it is just the simple fact that the best regular season record doesn’t win the Superbowl. With this said some of those overreacting Packer Backers as well as the general media need to slow down and just realise 1) Game-by-game 2) The NFL season is made up of two parts, the regular season and the post season.

I’m calm, so what have you done lately?

I’ve said time and time again that this isn’t a stats blog, merely a strongly opinionated blog with the mentality of “prove me wrong”. With that said the 2010 Packers, the 2011 Giants, and many more Superbowl winning teams didn’t go into the game as the favourite. With that said when I logged onto Packers official Facebook page I read some of the comments of “fans”, things like “OVERPAID and NO ACTION. They play like a bunch of wusses. They ought to be paid for PERFORMANCE.”, “Total Bummer Pack!!!!! Sorry!!!! 😦:-( But there is still Next Time!!!!! 🙂:-)“, “I fell asleep during the game…”. I hope most of it was either trolling or typed in the heat of the moment but this following post has to be the main offender as it even demands its own paragraph in this blog entry as I just want to highlight how crazy it sounds to me…

“Hopefully this is a wake up call to Ted Thompson you hired a bad coach who has a great win/loss record because he has an insanely talented team, but now with injuries and everything else McCarthy’s flaws are all on display. He’s a predictable play caller and a poor one. His designed plays are pitiful. He focuses on one thing way too often. This year it’s running the ball with Alex Green a back that wouldn’t make a lot of teams practice squads. Last night he wanted Cobb to be a critical point of the plan problem is the Giants figured that took him away and McCarthy didn’t adjust at all. Not to mention when we were down by only 10 he stood there and put his little play call sheet over his face and looked like he just gave up. I don’t want our coach and leader to have no fire or drive and that’s McCarthy”.

I saw the funniest thing while waiting on SNF, YES RAJI!

No better example of the overreaction any professional sports team will endure after a season/team/emotional changing event in “the journey”. Things like “With so many injuries, it was great that they won 5 in a row!! I agree, they didn’t play aggressive enough, but I didn’t realistically think they would win all of remaining games. It would have been awesome, if they did. It was tough to watch..still love my team!! Born in WI, now living in MT..there are lots of Packer fans here! Go Pack Go. Less penalties and keep Rodgers on his feet!! I’m with them, no matter what” makes any fan-base somewhat more bearable. Even choosing to type this entry follows a good sleep, woken up for the MNF game between the Carolina Panthers and Philadelphia Eagles as looking at something other than the Packers can somewhat help. I’m sure the emotion is there following a 38-10 loss, but its human nature to normally regret those actions on emotion alone so it just hope the Packers have enough to get at least a wildcard berth.

Lets just agree that this one comment is beyond silly… “Blame Crosby for destroying the momentum”, Crosby missed a 55 yarder which kept the score at 7-7, but went on to nail a 28 yarder to make it 10-24.  To miss a 55 yarder “destroyed the momentum” = SILLY! [I don’t even attempt them on Madden!]