I MISS YOU JOHN MADDEN! He’s still very much alive, just you wouldn’t know judging by the Madden series of games… Boooo!

I’ve submitted this post at 00:00am (Greenwich Mean Time) so that means that up until 05:00am Thursday Morning, it is now officially or it has been Thanksgiving in the last 13 hours of every country to the right of the Eastern border of the Americas. Someone will most likely point out that its not Thanksgiving in the Carribean Islands etc, but then I kind of have to say “You’re ruining my fun so keep your opinions to yourself please”. I can’t speak for other countries but I’ve generally noticed that Thanksgiving isn’t a big deal anywhere else in the world other than North America and Canada celebrate it in October. Much like how “The Superbowl produces World Champions” or “How the MLB calling the final The ‘World Series’ & call the the winner World Champions”, people may be forgiven for crowning Thanksgiving as yet another case of “Big & Bold America”. Like most of the things that I encounter in my life I try to translate it into something personal, so though I’ll never understand fully I can say that I can somehow relate.

The original reason for Thanksgiving though nice unfortunately had a fallout that I can’t agree with (gotta love the “Thanksgiving Controversies”) so a) It does nothing for me as much like Africa, the natives were given the raw end of the deal. b) Doesn’t involve me whatsoever as I’m sure my ancestors weren’t pilgrims, American and/or “free“. So personally speaking I have no reason to even acknowledge Thanksgiving. So fast-forward 392 years (1620 – The first pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock) and I’ve met an American lass called Lee (named after the actress Lee Meredith from the original ‘The Producers‘ movie) who has invited me and my dearest friends over to hers on Friday Night to have Thanksgiving Dinner. No better place to acknowledge though not necessarily agree with the original meaning, roll on “Nice homemade food and a giving a good reason to be thankful”. I’m sure everyone knows by now about my November 2010 (you’re clearly bored by now) so I have a lot-a lot to be grateful for, the best family and friends that a 26 year old lad could ask for.

I like the idea of three games back-to-back-to-back, dislike the Lions and Cowboys… Hmm

With that said what a slate of NFL: Thanksgiving Day 2012 games, my best friends boyfriend, now personal friend and general “lad” is a Cowboys fan (fitting) so to watch Cowboys vs Redskins should be good. Due to last week, I don’t know if to call Lions vs Texans the equivalent of a “XXX film”. Last and no means least is the AFC East matchup between the New England Patriots and the New York Jets that if anything like that Week 7 game, it should be a goodun. But this slate of games means that I shant be watching it though I should, but what’s 24 hours?

To everyone that acknowledges Thanksgiving and is celebrating it, have a goodun, I seriously mean that, as I’m going to try some meat loaf, not that one!