Seriously… When your ex-ex has an opinion on your ex, you know that the current is in for a (non) laugh!

Off the bat I can categorically say that 99.9% of the Chelsea fans I’ve encountered are pretty much hating on the idea of Rafael Benitez as interim manager at Stamford Bridge. I haven’t read one good thing from a Blues “supporter” (as of 20:08pm on 21/11/2012), but something quite obvious seems to be overlooked and I don’t see how as they’re meant to be Chelsea fans, but then again they are Chelsea fans. I know that Roman Abramovich has made light work of creating a somewhat stable managerial tenure at Stamford Bridge, even after winning the “holy grail” last season but it felt somewhat like he was forced by fans to giving “RDM” the full-time job. He only got the job as a stop-gap from “AVB” so is this “FSW” appointment only the same stop-gap appointment until Pep Guardiola comes back from a long deserved rest from football management? Where’s my break from football management as I pulled off the greatest accomplishment ever for Hampton & Richmond Borough on my FMH2012. Nothing to do with acquiring Lionel “36 years old” Messi by the way, though that is nothing to sniff at, and to wrap this funny-as edition of FMH2012 up but this story had me in hysterics.

So [A]ndre [V]illas [B]oas to [R]oberto [D]i [M]atteo now its [F]at [S]panish [W]aiter!
I’m going to say this bluntly, ignore the “hate” and see that Rafael Benitez was the manager that in his tenure at Liverpool won a fair bit. Liverpool won Champions League (if you didn’t know, jk, its all Liverpool go on about, 2004/05), Super Cup (2005), FA Cup (2005/06), Community Shield (2006), not bad for just under six years (16 June ’04 – 3 June ’10). For three of the six years his “main man” was Fernando “Nandy” Torres who amassed 2007/08: 46 appearances/33 goals, 2008/09: 38 appearances/17 goals, 2009/10: 32 appearances/22 goals. These aren’t “sciency blogs” with strike rates or general stats, go to the amazing Opta Sports for that, this is simply the opinion of “what better person to get “Nandy” out of his funk than the man “that bought him for £20mil from Atletico Madrid?” The funk that meant that Chelsea thought that in the crucial Champions League match vs Juventus either a) They could be Barcelona’esque by starting without a recognised “out and out striker”. b) They could just try and play a lot deeper than their standard formation allowed them to.

I have so much respect for this striker and manager duo, a la the New England Patriots with their Bill Belichick and Tom Brady tandem especially now, the record just speaks for itself. Though for a while the “out and out” striker was as dead as the dodo for the longest time. These two brought it back.

All in all no more fickle sport than football, and I mean it in all due respect (I’m more than likely to be a rollercoaster of emotion during a Manchester United match) but honesty but what if Rafael “Rafa” Benítez Maudes wins all of the 2012/13 seas0n trophies Chelsea are still eligible for? Also turned Fernando José Torres Sanz into a goal-machine, will 99.9% of the Chelsea fans I know still be slandering either? Probably not.