Chris Robshaw (left) is the Quins captain as well… A bit of a “double” then in my happiness for him then?

I’ve found myself at a bit of a lag all down to an issue with hyperlinking and inserting pictures in which I’ve spent ways of finding a way around it – Insert pictures on Google Chrome and then Internet Explorer to hyperlink. But in a way it works out as a good lag as one good thing happened this Friday Morning as the fine people of Planet Rugby got in contact and said that I’d won two tickets to the England vs Australia game Saturday afternoon – gotta be in it to win it, I even forgot I entered, though immensely grateful, THANK YOU! Everyone (that somewhat cares about rugby union) knows that it’s England vs. Australia in their 2nd Autumn International, a game that I have to be honest is a real concern for me. Such the concern I didn’t even think about watching it as unless it’s the Six Nations, even the Rugby World Cup barely holds my “International Rugby attention” as England seem to have what feels like a 25% success rate against Australia and other “Southern Hemisphere Teams“. Against all the other Six Nation teams in February it feels like the odds of an England win level out to a 50%-50% shot, no disrespect but forever a realist.

L-R Katy McLean (England Women), Rob Vickerman (England Sevens), Michaela Staniford (England Sevens), and Chris Robshaw (England)

This should be a good match though as England off that mammoth win against Fiji last week will hopefully push on, or I hope so as the alternative is that Australia come out swinging, they usually do. Things like “Rugby World Cup Seedings” mean nothing to me as they never have and never will, mine has always been “please be threatening when attacking with backs”. England haven’t had such potency since Jason “Billy Whizz” Robinson, Will Greenwood and co, and in all due respect to Chris Ashton as I know that he will inevitably “up his game”. I can’t be overly optimistic about Chris Ashton (wing) as in the 2011 Six Nations he marched to #1 with 6, next at #2 was Brian O’Driscoll (centre), very promising going into the World Cup and he finished joint top try scorer with Vincent Clerc with 6, so to the 2012 Six Nations and he didn’t even score one. So something against Australia would be nice otherwise I just can’t have much faith in England’s backs I’m afraid, seriously mean that.

I hope this doesn’t happen, I still have faith in him.