Once upon a time there were buffaloes in Buffalo? So there were Dolphins in Miami? Walking the streets right? Ren & Stimpy was a classic part of my upbringing!

Well one thing when entering this week’s TNF was how Dolphins @ Bills is an AFC East matchup, these are two teams that often may be overlooked due to the Patriots and to a lesser extent Jets. I was only talking to one guy I know through Twitter that though the 2010 season was “fun” for them, even talk of Sanchez and Tebow takes a bit of the light away from these two. The Dolphins went into this game with a #5 ranked run defense so against a Bills team without their inspirational runningback Fred Jackson, that went into the season as a given #1 RB but returned from injury (right leg in the first regular season against the divisional rival Jets) to the team as “part of a committee”. CJ Spiller a 3rd year #2 RB well and truly took the opportunity with both hands as he now enters this game at 7.3 yards per carry so to drop him for a healthy Jackson was beyond “questionable”.

My “mancrush” on Cameron Wake is SO very real! Even if Ryan Fitzpatrick reminds me of Firefly actor Nathan Fillion

This game was made all the more exciting as the Dolphins (#5 out of 32) run stopping D was beyond abysmal against a Chris “CJ2K” Johnson Tennessee Titans team last week to lose 37-3. Fred Jackson out with another injury after the Patriots (37-31 loss) for the Buffalo Bills (#6 on the run), on their final drive Jackson was hit in the head by Patriots Linebacker Chandler Jones and it is now ruled as a concussion. This all meant that this game was going to be a “doozy” as wildcard (distant) possibilities or even simply avoidance of “the wooden spoon” meant this was a must win. As it stands I’ve decided to start writing at half time which is possibly the earliest I’ve ever chosen to do this, I’m well in my right to though as this game is simply woeful. Up until the 4th quarter the score was 19-7 to the Bills but all of those points came from the special teams units of both as neither teams offense or defense did anything in particular to boss the game. A special teams returns for TDs apiece (Bills) (Dolphins) by the end of the 1st quarter and then four FGs from the Bills by the end of the 2nd, nothing in the 3rd quarter but then that 4th quarter where a 2 yard TD reception by Davone Bess was a reviewed and that’s that. Though as I write this sentence its a Jarius Byrd INT that with 1:57 left in the 4th that makes for some excitement as there really has been nothing. The Dolphins got the ball back after forcing a quick “3 and out”, they couldn’t do anything with some 1:30 left (they used their 3 timeouts) and the last play was an offensive pass interference by Brian Hartline.

I’ve never been more disenfranchised with a TNF game than I’am at the moment as I now understand those that complain that this season’s TNF schedule is a bit “hit and miss”. I even tweeted earlier how I feel about it. Either way roll on Packers @ Lions please.