Someone on Twitter said hating on the Lions was like hating on newborn children… “Just unfair and not right”… I’m inclined to agree. Sorry.

Sunday 18th November 2012, the first Packers game since a (personally painful) bye week in which the divisional rival Chicago Bears (8-2) lost to the Houston Texans (7-2) on Sunday Night Football. Earlier that day there was a divisional matchup between the Minnesota Vikings (6-4) and Detroit Lions (4-5) in a game that re-established Vikings rusher Adrian Peterson as arguably the league’s best RB. Two things I think that will be overused when mentioning the Lions, Packers, or Vikings (I’m sure there’s an overlap) but how the 1) Sunday marks the one year-six days mark for the last time these two faced off at Ford Field. 2) The Packers defense hasn’t allowed one RB over 100 yards this season. I’ll try my best to hamper mentioning either again and I hand on my heart won’t mention the obvious “incident” as I’m sure Packer Backers are sick of it.

One thing that has been plaguing my brain all season is how the NFC North tried everything in their power to strengthen up, but the Lions are the odd team out. I tweeted how the Lions were the odd team out though I put my hands up to the fact that the amount wasn’t $50 million, but in fact $132 million so that’s a bit more than I tweeted? I don’t care much for the Lions so “sue me”. With that said 3 out of the 4 teams going forwards and 1 of the 4 teams going backwards and throw in “The Madden Curse” and we have a predictable “tail” to the NFC North. History aside I just feel that though the Lions are better than their 0-16 season, they’re not challenging for the division any time soon as the game against the Tennessee Titans in Week 3 was telling. The Tennessee Titans are one of the most one-dimensional teams I’ve seen and the Detroit Lions are the other, no disrespect to either team but I’m a realist. Even the Green Bay Packers are one-dimensional to an extent, the trick is to have a somewhat viable opposite. The Titans are rushing with Chris “CJ2K” Johnson leading the offense, to ask anything in particular of Kendell Wright, Kenny BrittJared Cook, Nate Washington etc. is an extra. The Lions are “Stafford-to-Calvin Johnson” then the merry-go-round at runningback (been killed in my fantasy league).

All I know is that if the Packers are going to pick up the pace that they lost during the first couple of games this season, they don’t want to lose pace with the Bears that are a game ahead of them. Though this is a fantastic stat.