That misunderstanding that never happens, but still a funny strip ^_^

I can see how people thought before going into the bye week (6-3) that the Packers were at panic stations, but it was the kind of panic that general NFL fans and the media would cook up for something to talk about and/or sell papers (or get viewers).  Not to call Packers fans better or worse than the hyperbole that follows a 1-2 start and then the unfortunate 21-3 lead at half time but eventual 27-30 collapse against the Colts. The general opinion seemed to be one of overreaction but I just kept replying with “until the playoffs mathematically come into it” or “but the bye week hasn’t even come yet” then again my favourite reply “what are the rest of the division doing after a Packers loss?” came into it.

Did you miss it? Bet your bottom “dollar” I did! Lets get this show back on the road!

All of that general overreaction seems to have died now and though the Chicago Bears seem to be “the team to beat” in the NFC North this season, the Packers beat them at Lambeau so could they do it again on 16th December at Soldier Field? Until that day arrives I’ll stay tight-lipped about how I feel about the rest of the season. So far the Packers have only played against 1 team in their division as we officially enter week 11, whata SNF game between “the 7-1 teams” as the Houston Texans travelled to the Chicago Bears (if you didn’t already know *sarcasm detected*, but the Packers beat both of them), the Packers have played the NFC West four times *bites tongue* (2-2), the AFC South three times (2-1), then there was that one game against the New Orleans Saints. Still to come are a couple of games against the Minnesota Vikings & Detroit Lions, that one  game at Soldier Field against the Chicago Bears, then a game against the current Superbowl champion New York Giants that will be a somewhat grudge match for last year’s NFC Divisional game. The penultimate game of the Green Bay Packers 2012 regular season is against the Tennessee Titans in a game that may be overlooked for though the Packers haven’t allowed a rusher over 100 yards this season it seems like Chris Johnson is back to his old #1 overall in the Fantasy Draft-self though he started the season terribly.

CLOCKWISE: The team on the left beat the team on the right… Makes for an amazing season! Take away the team loyalty and just see the bigger picture!

For a fact that this roller coaster Packers season is all the evidence readers need to get into the NFL, the level of parity that this season has displayed after 10 regular season weeks is just nuts. The “alternative sports viewing of the week 10 bye” was watching MOTD2 with its “Manchester United, Manchester City, or Chelsea story”, but to me it just wasn’t the same. Caught a bit of the Autumn International Series in the rugby union but it doesn’t mean much to me as England just play some great rugby, against Fiji. It’s the New Zealand’s, Australia’s and South Africa’s that will cause a stroke, thank goodness I can resume to Packers at Lions and “we’ve” all forgotten the Suh Incident… Right?