Not to call the Jacksonville Jaguars “Chuck Pagano’s leukaemia”, but the Indianapolis Colts kicking their arse!

When I tweet it, you know I mean it jk, more times than not it’s “the heat of the moment”. When I see Colts @ Jaguars this one is true though. There are certain TNF games that are exactly how they can be predicted (either Browns @ Ravens or Buccaneers @ Vikings that called for a “pre-emptive blog post”) as they can ignite the need to get an early start on this seasons ritual TNF blog post. This game is simply woeful as it’s been pointed out that the Jaguars are bad at their home stadium. That stat normally brings out tweets like this, and so soon enough I retort with tweets like this, heat of the moment I swear as the Jaguars are getting better and I want all the best for them. That said no better example of the league’s “what have you done lately” unspoken philosophy as to answer that question “recently not a lot, not a lot” as I’m watching this wanting the best for the Jaguars but the best simply isn’t happening.

I normally joke here, but no joke… wow!

The big story is Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano being diagnosed with leukaemia three or four weeks ago as I even remember the game (alluded to in the first paragraph) as I was in Brighton. With the idea of #Chuckstrong and the team unity enforced earlier this week, it meant that the Jaguars had more than the 11 members on any given offense, defense, or special teams package. The Jacksonville Jaguars were confirmed as the team that for the next four years were cemented to play in the International Series game at Wembley. So grateful that the fixture was expanded to two games a season as the Jaguars are that bad I’m afraid as the offense and the defense this season is just not great, so bad I could only wait until 7:00 of the 3rd quarter to start this entry.

I don’t bet, so I dunno “overs” or “unders” so fill me in please fill me in

It’s the 4th qtr and the score is Colts 24-3 Jaguars, in a game that has been 2 scrambles from the athletic QB Andrew Luck (5yds & 1yd), an 11 yard interception from Colts cornerback Darius Butler, it was a 31 yard field goal that started it all. The Jags got a 40 yard field goal in the 2nd qtr after an unfortunate interception short of that, Cecil Shorts III in the 4th and that’s been the ball game so far. I say “so far” but lets admit that the only touchdown the Jacksonville Jaguars have managed was after their #1 QB Blaine Gabbert got injured and it was former Miami Dolphins QB Chad “with a helmet on, resembles Will Ferrell” Henne (by the way, fan made). This’ll be one heck of a turnaround but with 7:00 left in the 4th, but 24-10 and the Colts are seriously eating up the clock with running plays. That one Pats girl I follow, uber respect, said next week against the Luck-led Colts should be a lot more closer than she originally thought, but I thought the same thing with the Rams and Patriots at Wembley, I just don’t know in this league anymore. Roll on the Packers bye week, shudder.