Gotta be honest, they all look the same to me O_o

I found myself at 22:30 on 08/11/2012 listening to that new One Direction/(WARNING: Bad word to the name of the site) Wand Erection song “Live While We’re Young” which was brought on by that Pepsi advert in America, dang Gamepass. I can make excuses for listening to it but everything about my music taste is “eclectic” as what a collection for I’ll never be pigeon-holed. Have I got to the point in my life that I’ve stopped overly caring what people think about me as if it’s not hurting me, those people in my life, or is generally hurting society, where’s the issue? I have a great group of people in my life and most know me warts and all so if they wanted to press “the eject button”, they would have by now, so “quirky” seems fine, just don’t push it to “bat shiz crazy”.

I remember three or four months ago that my best friend (Tom) needed an extra pair of hands to help move back into his uni house, during which Tom left mid-move for about 20 or so minutes to help his housemate (Ali) drive over a couple of things. After their return to an awesomely arranged DVD collection in a stand as well as a set up iPod Dock/Radio, all accompanied by my eclectic iPod but at that point in time they walked into the bedroom as ‘Poker Face‘ by Lady Gaga was playing. Tom went on to reassure me a good month or so later that it was simply one of those times in which he personally understood my eclectic-nature so don’t think anything of it. Fast-forward those three or four months and I realised that it seriously isn’t the thing in question that marks it as good or bad in a lot-a lot of books but instead the fans that the thing in question generates. Not those fans as I’ve honestly gotten over that as I know so I don’t overly care anymore, but things like Nicki Minaj (until I checked my YouTube, I typed it ‘Nicki Manji’, is that a good thing or a bad thing? p.s. Funnily another Pepsi advert), Harry Potter, Justin BieberTwilight, in particular One Direction.

Society will say that these things are bad or should at least be questioned but I’ve seen past certain things in each thing and I just think it’s sad that society can’t either. ‘Poker Face’ is a good song, not going to play it on a night out or at my wedding, but if it comes on I’m not going to make a beeline for the radio and change the station. Before the Monday just gone, it had to be the three or four months in Tom’s uni bedroom that I last heard it but I suppose that is just it about certain products, it’s their fans… Oh their fans. I suppose I can’t be too critical as this aside there’s no better example of how far society has come as though I don’t personally see the big appeal, The Big Bang Theory and other walks of life that look into the scientific. Those “nerdy/geeky” things seem to be embraced nowadays when fifteen years ago, who knows? In a segway of time going by, it’s already nearly New Years Eve, wow. The official end of the Mayan calendar is 21/12/2012… Just pointing that out.