I’m calm, so what have you done lately?

In previous years the Packers “BYE week” hasn’t really bothered me mainly because in those years my NFL coverage was limited to SNF and MNF. Watching every gameweek in the order of Packers, Patriots, TNF, SNF, MNFCardinals, Saints, Cowboys every other teams afterwards methinks but more times than not it is limited to the first five teams. That 1pm (ET)/6pm (BST/GMT) and 4pm (ET)/9pm (BST/GMT) Sunday is ritual for the typical NFL fan (American Football’s own Saturday kickoff at 3pm) so more times than not this season the Packers have found themselves in that transatlantic pleasurable 1pm/6pm slot. Up until this week 10 Packer Backers have seen their Green Bay Packers once for TNF, four times at that Sunday 6pm, twice at that Sunday 9pm, once for SNF, and once for MNF. I’ve sat and watched every Packers game this season (bar week 8, blame the Patriots), the 2-2 record with the NFC West for in particular as I know a couple of fans from teams in there, the replay between the two teams that opened the 2011 season, even the stout defensive display against the Bears, the same Bears that are backed by the President of the USA (as of 07/11/2012 – 03:05)

So what to do, what to do to stave off the more than likely boredom week 10 without the Packers, will I actually watch MOTD2? Will I adopt another team? All of this, and much more answered in four days time. As it stands I have the Bills @ Patriots to look forward to at 6pm, then it’s either Jets @ Seahawks or Rams @ 49ers as Sky Sports have that stupid “blackout rule” for “their” televised games (Cowboys @ Eagles). I think I’ll go for Jets @ Seahawks as Russell Wilson is an intriguing prospect and the Jets with their “QB situation” is “played out” but at the same time I watched them against the Colts and my goodness. Yes the Jets have arguably their best offensive and defensive players on IR, but they played with such gusto and belief, who knows? With that said I currently find myself watching the BBC’s coverage of the U.S. Election 2012 in some form of substitute, I did like that one thing Charles Woodson said after the 2010 NFC Championship Game though.