When an Arrowhead and a Charger collide, I know, I’m talking rubbish, I must be tired. Then again… “Manflu”.

Roll on the 1st of November 2012 edition of Thursday Night Football (TNF) in one of the most one-sided matchups so far. No disrespect to the Kansas City Chiefs but if there is talk of a 50%-50% Philip Rivers, then does that mean a 25%-75% whole Chiefs franchise? What seriously depresses me about the Kansas City Chiefs is that they have Anthony Toribio, a Defensive (Nose) Tackle that started out as an undrafted rookie for the Miami Dolphins during 2008,  roll on the Green Bay Packers practice squad between 2008 & 2009, that currently finds himself with the Chiefs. Mainly due to Twitter I got to respect players of the whole Packers roster and Toribio was one in particular for though he’s a hardcore Liverpool fan, I don’t dislike him as I’m sure it wouldn’t even equate to a fraction of the flack I got for liking a sport other than “the nations favourite”.


Its this respect I have for Toribio and one friend I know (a Jayhawk born and raised) that means that though I’ve not got any direct link with Kansas, these two individuals help to find some form of connection. The Chiefs going into the game with an 1-6 record, made them seem doomed from the beginning. No better way to solidify the force of impending doom than watching TNF and reading certain Chiefs factoids such as going one and a half regular season games without a TD on their opening drive. My friend’s brother is a Chargers fan so after hearing about this onesided TNF matchup I just knew that I had something more than the average team loyal fan to watch. That first drive was a decisive one as the Chiefs D buckled quicker than a pirate which clearly made it 7-0 Chargers, so it was to reply with a TD, but they couldn’t when they couldn’t even manage a field goal while in field goal range as they went for it on 4th and short, but failed, but that didn’t even matter for they did manage a lost fumble so the stat continues.

Unless you’re literally a die-hard fan of the organisation, why would any red blooded human being follow this teams “fortunes”? No disrespect but I’m a realist first & foremost!

I have Philip Rivers in my NFL Fantasy Football so I had attest to the hit or miss nature of his wellbeing this season as against the Atlanta Falcons (-1.00) and then Denver Broncos (1.00) but then Cleveland Browns (5.00), Rivers has not “been there”. My friend’s brother told me not to blame Rivers for the 6-7 loss to the Browns for it was a team effort, but even if it was, it didn’t help Rivers or myself. This was the game that seemed to have the writing on the wall as the Chargers were better than their 3-4 record, and the Kansas City Chiefs were worse than their 1-6 record. The AFC West seems the same as it will ever be as the Chargers battle with the Broncos for the championship crown, while the Raiders battle with the Chiefs to avoid “the wooden spoon“. I just think I’m not alone in wishing the Chiefs better than this but at the same time thinking much like Raheem Morris with the Buccaneers that being judged on one good season is beyond idiotic as Romeo Crennel seems to have been. The only rival for this 2012 season Kansas City Chiefs has to be the 2008 Detroit Lions that went a season 0-16 for yes the Chiefs have that WK3 win against the New Orleans Saints, but still *shudders for them – Even the 0-16 Detroit Lions managed to lead in 6 of those 16 games (herehereherehereherehere)*