2 OF MY 4 MATES: “She had more than one bullet”, ME: “But if she used more than one bullet, it wouldn’t make much of a film”

Well the obvious reference would be the 23rd James Bond film though as much as it came out last week (26th October) I only got round to watching it on the 1st November at 8:30pm. I’m sure the general consensus is “what’s a week?”, but in the world of media and especially the world of “social media” it means a lot-a lot as any opinion can be seen as “seen it, heard that” but luckily (for you guys) this  isn’t one. Just to point out how the Adele theme song was the definition of “the typical Bond Theme Song”, yes people will say that its boring but it’s most definitely “safe”. Daniel Craig as a “human James Bond” that Pierce Brosnan introduced in ‘Goldeneye‘ but is well and truly explored in this edition as the viewer learns a bit about his past and what “Skyfall” actually is (it’s ok deep fans or shallow fans, no spoilers). Throw in a bit of Javier Bardem (he was the bad man in ‘No Country For Old Men‘) as an unorthodox “Bond villian” with a stronger link than many previous ones.

I’ma “presenter” not an “analyst” so this wasn’t ideal seating for me. Do I prefer watching games in the comfort of own gaff doe?

This blog is in essence a diary entry as last Sunday marked the New England Patriots @ St Louis Rams Wembley game and though I went into the fixture with talk of the Patriots being my #2 NFL team after the Green Bay Packers but being there in person seemed to “change the analysis”. It simply wasn’t the case as I found myself rooting for the Rams as I don’t know if it was “the British in me” wanting to root for “the underdog” but all in all a 45-7 loss meant “Shut up Alex”. I suffered my own “Skyfall” (if you know me, you’ll know if you ask, but sure you can guess) otherwise it was a good ol’ game as Tom Brady with that defense were just amazing. Yes “it was only the Rams”, but they made a possible game turn into an annihilation for Tom Brady ended with 4 TD passes. My prediction of many Patriot (Mainly Brady) jersey’s making the spectator think “really, the Pats are the road team in this? Pull the other one” turned into a reality, but to ignore all of that with Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski with his “special Wembley edition” Gronk TD spike.

This weekend is Arizona Cardinals @ Green Bay Packers and yes the Packers are 1-2 against the NFC West this season, but my (best) NFL friend Gord is globetrotting so I’ll have to write a special blog post for that one. Otherwise roll on the Kempton Park Fireworks and a bit of WWE 13 gaming coupled with a bit of belated Terry Crews action. This is going to be a good weekend methinks, oh yeah Manchester United vs. Arsenal as I’m still British… Honest!