You know how people ask “Pirates or Ninjas”? Well tonight we’ll know “Buccaneers or Vikings”… I know… I’d say Ninjas et al!

I thought I’d start writing this with 9 minutes left in the 4th quarter for as foolish as it is to call a professional American Football game “done” before the clock reaches 00:00 I can’t help but feel like “where’s the change Minnesota?” Both teams went about their opening drives like prize fighters, sizing eachother up and not really willing to land that opening  punch, both seemingly lucky driving some 40 yards of the field but inevitably the drive would end up with each team having to punt the ball away. It was only after the 3rd or 4th Buccaneers possession as each team exchanged “3 and outs” with 9:48 left in the first quarter did they score on a 28 yard field goal. That field goal was the beginning of something as the Buccaneers went on to either tie or flatout win each quarter for do you remember that way (final paragraph) I wrote about seeing the games? Well the 1st quarter was won by 10, the 2nd was tied for 10, and so far the 3rd is 10-7 Buccaneers. But remember how I said “I ain’t over till it’s over”, well since starting this entry, the Vikings have scored on an epic 64 yard TD run by Adrian “All Day, A.P., OH THE HUMANITY! Peterson. “A.P.” is the definition of “If he was on “my team” I’d love him. But he’s not, so that’s-that”.

Well this is the final score and my prediction that a ninja swoops in and goes freakin’ mental!

The score is 30-17 Bucs in the 3rd quarter, so though it’s not over it’s not great at the moment for the Vikings but they are slowly getting back into this game. With one quarter left in this game for them to get 2TDs and form a defensive stop sounds more than possible. I think people can’t take that away from the Vikings, that “never say die” attitude as they did beat the highly touted San Francisco 49ers in WK 3. It’s now 7 minutes left in the 4th quarter and the Bucs scored another TD and nobody else other than runningback Doug Martin that as a rookie is well and truly the #1 RB in Tampa Bay and if LeGarrette Blount thinks that he’s better than being relegated to #2 RB, then expect a trade this offseason. Ok, 4mins now and a failed Buccaneers 4th down conversion… That’s-that then as at 36-17 unless the “impossible” happens it’s a Buccaneers win as Martin (Tampa Bay) with 135 yards and a TD, and Adrian Peterson (Vikings) with 123 yards and a TD means “this game was all about the run and the question of defense”. Neither team could stop the run or by the look of it even slow it down was debatable, in a naughty but nice “only on a divisional rival way” I’m happy that the Buccaneers won tonight. From a “Divisional Rival” point of view those Vikings are good and the Packers need any help that they can get so a Vikings loss is nice I suppose.

With this game officially in the books I’ll catch all of you fly people later as off to Wembley for the 4th time. Before August, I’d of said that I’d never been for a (European) football match, only for (American) football (games) matches… You follow? p.s. Greatest intro to the ‘TNF’ Show I’ll ever ever ever EVER, actually any person will ever see.