Maaaaaaaate… <Insert ‘The Simpsons Movie’ scene here>

I don’t know if it’s living in the Greater London area (I say it makes me a “Londoner”) but rain is a likely weather forecast, not as much as people around the world think, but still. In Autumn rain is even more likely, to the point that whenever it does on a Monday I have a little inside joke to myself that I have to listen to ‘Rainy Monday‘ by Shiny Toy Guns. This latest edition was made even more unique for it is a Monday Night Football with a unique and rather (in a pantomime way) painful twist, for it is the Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears.

I say it’s pantomime as yes I’m a “Packer Backer“, but I never wish injury, it’s all a game at the end of the day but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want the Green Bay Packers to be the best at this game. I’ll stay up & watch it, and in this era of fantasy football it makes the most sigh-worthy game that little bit more interesting for it’s like a moral-free gambling. But to the main reason for this blog entry, cornerback-turned-safety Charles Woodson has been ruled out for six weeks with a “broken collarbone”. When I read the tweet (always check the sources people – Jay Glazer is 100% alright, He works for NFL on FOX and NFL Network, game over) I felt the old NFL cliché “next man up” erupt. But to be honest I have every single piece of faith in the Packers in a time like this as unless drafted high, no player is given the chance straight out of the gates, I know people will say “but training & practice sessions”. I agree but I’m trying to state that the expectation is to succeed when drafted highly, they may underperform or just be too much of an injury concern *cough* Justin Harrell *cough*. But it’s for the Tramon Williams’ of the world to work their “butts” off in practice, preseason, those nickelback packages, to take the chances with both hands as to think that Williams was an undrafted free agent is simply mind-boggling.

With this “Rainy Monday” drawing to a close at it’s coming up to 10:30pm, I suppose this is a good time to admit that I’m “rooting” for the Lions tonight as the Bears (4-1) are on top of the NFC North, but the Lions (2-3) are at the bottom, and the Packers (3-3) are third. Says it all then doesn’t it? Madden Curse don’t you dare!