Thanks to ‘The Drum‘ for the picture I found on Google. I give credit where it’s due!

I don’t want to be a damp squib but before ‘Kick It Out‘, to my personal life there was nothing whatsoever that came close to exhibiting any level of “you’re not in this alone”. I’m not a footballer, I’m not a coach, I’m not an analyst/presenter (one day), but what I can say is that ‘Kick It Out’ has done more good things than bad things for people from ethnic backgrounds. I can see how Jason Roberts, Rio Ferdinand (Two of the most notable figures), and many other “footballers of an ethnic background” can be unhappy that the organisation is exhibiting a level of “impotence”. But I think they as well as many football supporters are getting the wrong end of the stick with this story and the fallout.

If the issue is match bans or monetary fines for the likes of John Terry and Luis Suarez, then football fans need to realise that its not Kick It Out’s fault as its the FA’s. Kick It Out is being boycotted and blamed for the leniency of the FA. Kick It Out have no direct power in the game and it’s not trying to, look at the “annual” review and the thing that jumps out is “grassroots“, if the million pound earners aren’t happy, go to the FA, not Kick It Out. All Kick It Out tries to do is promote equality in the game of football for if there isn’t, then tell the FA to change it as I’m fearful that Kick It Out will fold and all of the good work it has done will slowly disappear. The campaign was established in 1993, with it’s own body established in 1997 so is it any coincidence that the game of football in the concentrated western world is vastly improved? Before you attempt to answer, the answer is “no“.