What is a 49er? It’s either “a saucy act” or a “highway route”… Who knows?

Another week, another TNF and this one was a “doozy” as to watch the San Francisco 49ers against the Seattle Seahawks, yes both teams have been the thorn in the side of the Green Bay Packers this season. The term “thorn in the side” seems to keep popping up as I’ve alluded to this in the past when describing these teams (I can’t be bothered to bring up old and painful memories, go look for once) but then also how the Pittsburgh Steelers have been a personal one to my “Superbowl fondness teams”, this time around no Packers in sight so this tweet made me chuckle. Boiling down to the nitty-gritty is that I know someone that is a 49ers fan but I don’t know anyone that is a Seahawks one, though a recently married friend though comes from Seattle finds himself rooting for the Oakland Raiders. Thats about the closest the Seattle Seahawks come to having “someone in their corner” that I know of because for a fact they do have fans as all of that talk about “The 12th Man” is just astonishing.

Going into this matchup it was the highly regarded 49ers D against “the surprise package of the 2012 season” Seahawks D. Many people before Week 3 (24th September 2012) against the Green Bay Packers (14-12) and “that incident – That ushered that blog” but then even last Sunday (Week 6 – 14th October 2012) against the New England Patriots (24-23) were Exhibit A and Exhibit B of how this Seahawks defense has stepped up. The 49ers on the other-hand had simply the forgettable Sunday (Week 6) against the reigning Superbowl champion New York Giants in a game lined up as an NFC Championship (20-17) rematch, in this rematch it was true to “the script” as the Giants won again, but was it “a directors cut” as they piled on 26-3 win.

It didn’t finish a tie… Boo! Maybe the Packers will dispatch a member of the NFC West sooner rather than later this, next, in the future?

Long story short entering this game was that the 49ers D was “on the way down” but the Seahawks D was on the way up, and for long bouts in this game it looked exactly the case for each team as they were only limited to field goals in the first half as it ended 6-3 to the Seahawks. But the mark of a “post season calibre team” is “Halftime Adjustments”, and the 49ers did just that as something snapped into gear for they came out for that 2nd half a different team. They scored the TD later in that 3rd quarter (a 12 yard catch by Delaine Walker), they sorely needed to kickstart the turnaround for even their receiving game was dependent on their RBs coming out of the backfield. Slowly but surely Frank Gore (49ers) was getting the better of Marshawn Lynch (Seahawks) and then one more field goal from the 49ers and a couple of “baloney calls” sealed it as for at least the next 3 days (until Packers @ Rams – Go Pack Go) they are undisputedly the best team in the NFC West with a (5-2) record, and the Seahawks slip (4-3).

After this forthcoming Packers @ Rams game (week 7), it’s the Cardinals in week 9, and then the Packers Nation can forget about the misery the division has heaped on the franchise this season. Huzzah!