What a difference a year makes in more cases than one, but in this case it was Chelsea winning the Champions League that “cock blocked” Spurs with a 4th place finish.

For all of Thursday I’ve been feeling good and I have no idea why, I’ll get back to you with an explanation when it comes. I don’t think there’s anything in particular that is making me happy at the moment I just can’t ignore that there are a couple of things lined up that could be helping somewhat. I’m off to St Helier again to see Nikki tomorrow/later/on the 19th October, then on the Saturday it’s every “heterosexual dynamic duos” favourite hangout… Burger King, then to watch Tottenham vs Chelsea in a match that will be a nice reunion their new manager Andre Villas Boas at his “new home” against his “old home”. Then Sunday which is always nice due to the American Football as I’ve got it all planned out in my head as Green Bay Packers @ St Louis Rams at 6pm, then the New York Jets @ New England Patriots at 9:25pm, then the Sunday Night Football game between Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals, Monday will mean Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears.

I asked her… She laughed in my face… Hmm

Not to forget how my American friend Lee has suggested throwing a Thanksgiving Meal (Thanksgiving on the 4th November) but then also the plans for Fireworks at Kempton Park as well as talk of a Birthday/Housewarming as well as the International Series game between the New England Patriots and the St. Louis Rams as well as the news that there is going to be a second game at Wembley Stadium next year (2013). This is where the “NFL fan” in me separates from the “Packers fan” as the Pittsburgh Steelers “@ the Minnesota Vikings”. The Steelers that beat the Seattle Seahawks (Shaun Alexander was a beast) at Superbowl XL, then (Gord’s) Arizona Cardinals at Superbowl XLIII, but then they nearly beat “my” Green Bay Packers at Superbowl XV, so the Pittsburgh Steelers have become the proverbial “thorn in the side”. Then the Minnesota Vikings, divisional rival of the Green Bay Packers and then “The Love Boat Incident“, there’s no love-loss or niceties. Oh Randy Moss!

All in all life’s good at the moment as I found a UK-based “Packers Backers” community as that is exactly what I’am so bring it on.

Superbowl XL