Times like this… Hurt. Prove ’em wrong guys! >.<

After the sheer really?” of last week against the Indianapolis Colts, I think the Green Bay Packers would love a win this week vs. the Houston Texans. As much as it’s not necessarily a “must win”, it’s a “my hand is well and truly hovering over the panic button”. All I know is that it’s being labelled as a game with the #1 & #2 pass rushers of the league, J.J Watt (Texans)Clay Matthews III (Packers) respectively. No better example of “don’t believe the hype” as I even read about how the Packers are only average at corralling ‘go-to’ receivers. So even if the Packers defense can pressure Texans QB Matt Schaub, odds are that the Packers can’t quieten their #1 WR Andre Johnson. Time will tell but to read stats like this really do make me look for any positive, in the Kansa City Star? That didn’t do it so maybe if I looked at SNF: All Access? Ok this is a good one as it gives some form of positivity with a “Keys to Victory” slant?

Maaaaaaaaaan! NFL Fans used to be cool!

But this is the reason why I love the NFL, nothing is set in stone and if anyone has a 100% record from WK1 to the Superbowl, they’re a time traveller. But then again after watching Back To The Future: Part II last night, the possibility of giving the Grays Sports Almanac to their younger self? Either way I have the pizza in the fridge and a bunch of jumbo pretzels, the Packers in 2010 and the Giants in 2011 give me faith on anything in this crazy sport. Neither squad were given a word of support but then that’s (American) Football for you, it ain’t over til’ it’s over.